All Mobile Numbers in India Will be 13 Digits Soon (M2M Mobile Numbers)

As a part of the increasing mobile connections and to security related matters, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) decided to convert all the M2M (Machine to Machine) mobile numbers in India to a 13 digit number. Currently all the m2m mobile numbers in India is 10 digit which will also be converted to 13 digits as per the new order.

TRAI has given the guidelines to all the Telecom companies regarding the new implementation and as a part of that, all the new mobile connections starting from July 1st, 2018 will be in 13 digits.

TRAI also issued and order to all the Telecom companies noting that all the existing m2m mobile connections in India also should be converted to 13 digits by 31st December 2018. The conversion of existing number will start from October 1st, 2018.

Earlier, when the news came out, it was mistaken by all as, this will be in case of normal mobile numbers, but TRAI made it clear that the new implementation will not be applicable to the normal mobile numbers since the personal mobile numbers comes under Person to Person category and not M2M.

What is M2M mobile numbers

M2M mobile numbers as machine to machine mobile connection which is used for communication between different devices. Those are special numbers which are mainly used only for the Internet access purpose and for those, there will be no human interaction taking place and the connection is only for internet usage only and not for call or sms. This Machine type communication is mainly used in Airplanes, Ships, Buses and other systems to establish an internet connectivity.

Currently as per the new order, normal personal mobile connection will not be affected and it will remain 10 digit now. However, there are reports that, because of the large number of mobile connection, the 10 digit mobile number is in its full capacity and following the current move, normal mobile numbers also will be converted to 13 digits in the near future.

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