When we talk about PC gaming, the first thing that comes into people’s minds is a high-end gaming PC. A PC with a great processor, ultra-fast GPU, fascinating SSD, and other components. We all spend hundreds of bucks trying to get our hands on the best parts possible.

Those components indeed help you to enhance the gaming graphics and speed drastically. But no one ever talks about the most essential thing which helps you show the actual colors of your games. That component is a monitor!

The monitor plays a crucial role in a gaming PC as it works as the window between you and the actual games you want to play. Without a good monitor, you won’t be able to enjoy your games to their fullest. But most of the gamers can’t seem to understand this fact and invest all of their money getting only the CPU components.

How can a Monitor ruin your gaming experience?

Let’s suppose you get a powerful gaming PC that can quickly generate 100+ FPS in AAA games. But if you have a 60Hz monitor, you will only see 60 FPS no matter what. Not only that, many standard monitors come with low-end panels that cannot show you the true colors of a game that can also affect the gaming experience. Another thing that can ruin your gaming experience because of the monitor is the resolution and the monitor size.

You cannot expect to enjoy your games on a 19″ monitor with a 720p screen, can you? No, you can’t! These are the reasons and aspects that play a vital role in ruining your gaming experience despite having a good gaming PC.

How can a Monitor enhance your gaming experience?

Let’s come to the positive side now! If you can get yourself a monitor with a 100Hz refresh rate or even more than that, you will surely see a significant effect in your games. Most professional gamers opt for 144Hz screen displays as this is considered the best-performing display if you get FPS around 100-200 in most of the games.

Most gaming monitors now come with a curved panel, which makes the gaming experience more fun. Even if you don’t have a powerful gaming PC, you will be able to enjoy most of the games with a new look, design, and perfect curvature.

The best thing is that the gaming monitors are designed to show the true colors of a game or a movie so that you can experience every little detail of it. That is why it is essential to find the best monitor for pc gaming to enhance your games.

What should I look for when buying a Gaming Monitor?

If you have made your mind purchase a gaming monitor to make your experience even better, it is recommended to know what things are crucial to check when buying a gaming monitor. So let’s have an in-depth and detailed look at them and understand why they are essential!

Monitor Resolution

If you want your display to be more precise, smoother, and high-definition, always check out your monitor’s resolution. If your PC is mid-budget, then you can go for the 1080p resolution monitors. But if you have high-end builds, then it is recommended to pick the monitors with at least 1440p resolution. Otherwise, you can also opt for the 2K or 4K resolution, which is much better.

Refresh Rate

As I stated earlier, refresh rate plays a vital role if you want a stutter-free experience in your games. If your PC can produce 100+ FPS in most of the games, the most feasible option for you can be a 144Hz monitor. With a monitor with a reasonable refresh rate, you will see and detect your enemies much faster than before, and there will be no lag.

Response Time

It is better to go for a monitor that has a response time lesser than 5ms. Response time reduces the blur and motion-lag drastically and offers you a prominent view in games with perfect motion. Do not forget to check out response time to play your games without a blurry display.


Panels usually offer the best contrast and display combination depending on their qualities. VA Panels are the best choice for a premium gaming monitor. But you can also go for the IPS panels if you don’t have a higher budget. But never go for the TN panels, as they are designed for low-end monitors and are not suitable for gaming.

Panel Shape

If you want a better viewing angle while playing your favorite games, you should go for the curved panel monitors. But if you are satisfied with a simple flat panel, there is no harm saving some bucks on a flat-screen monitor as long as it offers useful features in other aspects.

Final Verdict

So this is how a simple monitor can ruin or enhance your gaming experience in many ways. Just don’t forget to keep some of the essential things in mind when buying a gaming monitor, and you will be able to enjoy your games like never before!

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