Mobile gaming has grown to such popularity, that Newzoo research shows mobile games accounted for almost 50% of the global game market in 2018. Furthermore, it is expected to be a $174 billion USD industry by 2021. It’s an amazing time for mobile gaming, as even mid-range devices are packing around 6GB of RAM and powerful little GPUs for intense 3D gaming.

Even mobile casino apps and mobile gambling is expected to grow exponentially, as online casinos like Casumo Indian online casino offer thousands of slot games and other traditional casino games for play on your mobile device.

But some things still hold back your mobile gaming experience. Whether it’s device heating, battery drain, lag, or touchscreen controls, we’re going to address numerous things in this article that will really enhance and maximize your mobile gaming experience.

Improving graphical quality and game performance

The first thing you can do to enhance mobile 3D graphics is by forcing 4X MSAA. There are other articles around the internet that suggest this as a way to “boost gaming performance”, which is quite a weird suggestion. Enabling 4X MSAA forces your GPU to work harder by eliminating jagged edges, and will drain your battery faster. This can negatively impact your device’s performance, if the GPU isn’t strong enough.

However, if you already have a strong gaming phone with good battery life, enabling 4X MSAA will greatly enhance 3D image quality.


You’ll find the setting under Developer Options, which is typically found by going into your phone’s Settings > About Phone > tapping ‘Build Number’ 7 times to unlock Developer Mode.

Next, consider downloading an app like GL Tool or similar. This tool can automatically optimize various phone settings to boost your gameplay experience. You’ll find options to boost your CPU cores, improve SD card and internal storage read-write speeds (for faster texture loading), force-enabling 60FPS in supported games.

There are numerous other options available for specific games, such as increasing shadow resolution in games like PUBG, etc. If you have an older phone, you can also use GL Tool to lower graphic settings, to squeeze more performance out of your device.

You should not download “net booster” apps, the majority (99%) are fake placebo apps, no matter what (paid) reviews you read on the internet. The only legitimate way to ‘boost’ mobile data speed on your phone is through certain root apps that can tweak or install custom kernels, which can tweak TCP congestion-avoidance algorithms.

There are also some “download booster” apps which can combine your WiFi and mobile data signals to increase download speeds, but these apps will do nothing for either connection individually.

Extending battery life and overall phone performance

To extend battery life and overall phone performance, there are numerous tweaks to perform on your device. First, you should disable things like background services, to prevent apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. from running in the background.


Next, you should limit background processes. This will essentially limit the amount of apps kept in the RAM. Even if you close apps, they may remain as background processes, to launch faster from the RAM cache when you open them again. The option for limiting background processes is found in Developer Options, and you should consider limiting it to 1 or 2 processes while gaming.

If you have a rooted Android phone, there are numerous great apps that can optimize your kernel for better CPU stability, battery life, and even your overall ping speed. This includes apps like L Speed, Kernel Adiutor, Root Booster, and others.

There’s also a great app called Greenify which will force-hibernate apps that frequently “wake up”, such as apps that periodically check for notifications. While Greenify doesn’t require a rooted device, it offers more powerful features and settings if your phone is rooted.

Buy a phone game controller

Certain game genres, such as arcade scrollers, fighting, and driving games are much more enjoyable with a gamepad controller, rather than using the phone’s touchscreen.

Of course, you should figure out what kind of phone game controller you need. If you play MOBAs like Mobile Legends, then you might just need a regular joystick gamepad. For MOBA gaming, you just need a gamepad that fits around your phone, with a joystick that fits over your screen.


These are extremely cheap and can be found for as little as $5 USD, depending on the manufacturer.

However, for more intensive gaming, you should really invest in a console-style gamepad. These come in all shapes and styles, whether they resemble Xbox, PS4, or even Nintendo Classic controllers. Some connect via USB, others are Bluetooth compatible.


For maximum enjoyment, however, you should buy one that has a clip-holder for your phone.

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