Speaking to most gamers and users of modern technology, there is a sense of loyalty to a certain console, platform, or brand. Some people describe themselves as “Apple fanboys,” purchase every Apple product and remain loyal regardless of better hardware elsewhere. Some have sworn allegiance to a console and will be unflinching in the platform they choose to play on, especially so in the case of casinos. But, given how large the tech market is, what strategies are in place in online gaming to engage with customers?

Loyalty to a Console

One of the major ways consoles build loyalty with customers is by creating sequels. Creating franchises that are tied to a console or company can build loyalty with players. Players would already be familiar with a character or game world and then the advancement in tech meant that for each new console or update, they could engage with characters and premises they enjoyed while experiencing the latest gaming technology. As they would already be interested in a franchise, buzz would be generated in a more natural way and existing loyal players would act as brand ambassadors to amplify the message. This has become incredibly useful since the advent of social media especially and the ability to live stream games and create whole communities around platforms or titles on those platforms.

Welcome Bonuses in Online Casino

Another method of attracting new customers is through new customer-specific offers. These work across a variety of sectors, with telecoms and energy providers the most likely to wheel them out in order to persuade people to switch supplier. But, online casino does welcome bonuses well too, especially as the market is saturated with the range of online casino providers. These range from free spins on online slots to money back on bets and no-deposit wagers. The welcome bonuses help persuade a player to use the site and while taking advantage of the offer, the site is then able to use their variety of games – especially so in the case of online slots – to persuade the player to become a loyal and regular customer. Once gamers have chosen a site to become loyal to, they will likely stay. So getting them through the door, so to speak, is the major battle.


Choosing a Smartphone for Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming revenue shows that it is on the increase and that around half of all gaming takes place on smartphones. So, Apple and Samsung – the major smartphone players – have a new market of consumers to tap into who may not have pledged loyalty to a brand and may be swayed solely by their gaming offer. This goes to show that the range of games and the processing power to play them could be the deciding factor for consumers. A lot of games hedge their bets and release across platforms, but some are more compatible with the features of a certain smartphone, so this may be a factor in consumer choice. Google’s phone, Microsoft, or even Xiaomi could offer a mobile gaming function that drains some of the players away from the main two smartphone providers.

Tech developers understand gamers and how they make their decisions and so work towards clawing into the market share by appealing to these gamers. It could be through the titles released on a platform, which supersede those of a rival. Or it could be the offers they have to inspire new customers to choose them over a competitor, such as with online casinos, which face a very competitive sector. The hardware could work better for the gaming function or the downloadable software could be more enticing. However, it is done, appealing to gamers can be a beneficial move for those in the tech industry, given how influential and loyal gaming fans can be.

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