Know More About CMOS Batteries for PlayStation 3

It has been well over a decade since PlayStation 3’s release in 2006, and its production has ended. However, this hasn’t diminished the popularity of this machine among its prospective users, as it remains one of the most popular and in-demand gaming consoles in recent times.

The console still works flawlessly and is expected to do so for many years. Unfortunately, as with all electronic devices, even the PlayStation 3 has a flaw that can transform it into a brick overnight. A dead PS3 CMOS battery is a weak spot and a consumable component.

What Does the CMOS Battery Do?

CMOS batteries are actively used in the electronics industry — from laptops, personal computers, and medical devices to PS3 and other gaming consoles. These tiny elements are responsible for “fueling” BIOS firmware, namely, maintaining the right data flow by remembering date and time settings when the device is off.

Regarding the PlayStation architecture, CMOS batteries are a key component, regardless of their relatively small size. Their task is to power the PS3’s internal clock. Here is how it works in practice:

  • When a player wants to play a game on their device, the internal clock, driven by a CMOS battery, syncs to the remote Sony server responsible for PS3’s operation.
  • This so-called synchronization is necessary to compare the time and date on a PlayStation 3 platform with the same information on the remote server.
  • If the data coincide, gamers are verified to play. If the date and time do not match, access to the game is denied.

Dead PS3 CMOS Battery Symptoms

It is quite simple to check whether the CMOS battery in your PlayStation 3 isn’t functional anymore. If the built-in time and date don’t reflect the correct information, an online check-in with PSN won’t be successful. The settings will be erased when the device is turned off because the battery is dead. Sometimes, you cannot load the system — the hardware won’t perform its original features.

CMOS batteries are designed to last about five to seven years. Early versions of PlayStation 3 are already prone to the CMOS battery issue. However, it is possible to replace this component and make your gaming console come back to life.

In the long run, the only significant issue with this process is the ability to play online and load cloud-based content via the PSN servers. So far, Sony has not announced a sunset date, and they are expected to function for many years.

Wrap Up

The PS3 CMOS battery’s function is crucial for the console as a whole. It is an element that coordinates physical hardware with remote Sony servers to prevent fraud and unauthorized access. CMOS batteries are available for sale and can be easily replaced at home. In addition, any computer repair shop or a third-party repair center can replace the battery if you are uncomfortable with replacing it.

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