Sony has revealed the most awaited gaming console, PS5. Play station has changed the gaming world and people are fascinated by the gaming experience with them. It has always provided the users more than just games. Over the years, it has scored well with DVD playback and with the 4K streaming. After the PS4, there are a lot of expectations by the users about the PS5.

There are a lot of questions about the console. Users and game lovers are wondering if it is an 8 K machine or would it still be supporting the optical media etc. When would the pre-orders open and how much the PS5 would cost their pockets?

In this article, we have discussed the technical details and the release dates and everything that you must know. By covering the concrete information about the official release of PS5, we have the details that will help you to make a wiser buying decision.


As per the latest news about Playstation 5, we have glimpsed about the PS5 design, features and the other details. As compared to the Playstations before, the new design is a different looking console. With space-age black and white color look scheme, the PS5 looks elegant, modern and amazing. Also, Sony has announced that they are going to release a PS5 digital edition. This means that a streamlined and digital-only console would be available without the disc drive.

With the first March reveal event of Sony, we have got a lot of details about the architecture of PS5. It has been confirmed by Sony that the PS5 will be released globally around October and December 2020. Around the same time, X box series X is about to get launched.

In the event, Sony has also revealed some of the accessories like the Pulse 3 D wireless headset, an HD camera that looks similar to the console itself. Along with that, there are going to be a lot of new features coming up with the PlayStation 5 that would revolutionize the gaming industry.

The radically designed controller of Sony PS5

In April, Sony unveiled the radically redesigned controller of the PlayStation that will accompany it. It has got a dual sense controller that has the same kind of button layout and the touchpad as of the PS4. But the color and the design of the controller is two-toned in black and white. The looks are unique and don’t match any of the PlayStation controller released ever before.

Sony has revealed that the controller would be having haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This provides the realistic and tactile rumble that would stimulate the realistic feel of firing bow and arrow and driving through the roads and mud etc in the games. There is a new button of the create button, that provides a lot more ways to capture and share the favourite gameplay moments.


The built-in microphone in the DualSense makes it easier to chat with friends without a headset in or out. The touchpad is now surrounded by the light bar that lets the users see a better and glow emanating out of it. This complements the design as well as the dual sense.

PS5 Specs

The gaming console has the 8x Zen 2 Cores at 3.5GHz CPU. It comes with 16 GB RAM GDDR6 and expandable storage with the NVMe SSD slot. The GPU is designed with the techniques that will reduce the power consumption and takes care fo the heat management with the ray tracing and primitive shaders.

PS5 Games

The users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming game with PS5 – spider-man: miles morales. The game has been seen in a little action so far. This provides the users with more powers, newer and younger gaming experience as the spiderman.

Another key game that is most talked about PS5 is the Horizon II that is launched after the hit of its predecessor. The major highlights also include the Gran Turismo 7 and ratchet and clinck. Marvels avengers would be also supporting the PS5 upgrades for the users who have got the PS4.

PS5 Price

The PS prices are also shrouded in mystery like the release date. Hitting a guess as based on the prices of the previously launched PlayStation can be a great idea. When PS4 was out its cost was $400 that was around $100 less than the competing X box series. But Sony might not be using the same trick again to undercut the competitor.

Sony has promised that the console 5 would be the best possible value of the proposition. Also, they acknowledged that the value of the device doesn’t co-relate with the prices and thus, one can expect the PS5 to be more expensive than the previous versions. Guessing around $500 would not be a surprising one for the gamers but if they provide it for lesser than this, then it will be a shock to all.


You might find prices available at some places, but be aware of them as they are all fake yet, the prices will be leaked by Sony only through the official channels. Sooner or later, but if you don’t hear the prices from Sony, then they are all fake and not real.

Sony PS5 Pre-order and Release Date

The Release date was not exactly fixed now. However, the company was expected to release the new Playstation in the fourth quarter of 2020. The pre-order is now available in invitation based and is available in US only. The general Pre-order is not available yet. The amazon page of PS5 was live in July but it too doesn’t have the option of pre-orders. You can sign up for the retailers to get notified about the launch, orders and the prices of the PS5.

We try our best to provide you with the latest and the fresh information of the PS as it is out soon. Stay connected with us for more details of the best ever upcoming gaming console of the year.