Feeling Unwell When Using Your Tech: Common Reasons Why

Have you ever found yourself feeling unwell when using your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop? Suddenly feeling nauseous or having a headache that you just can’t shift? Often technology can cause us to feel unwell if we are using it too much or staring at screens too frequently. So what are the common reasons why this happens? Let’s explore some of the possible scenarios.

Headache when staring at a screen

When it comes to using your phones, tablets, or any technology screen, your eyes and mind are being exposed to a blue light that can cause extra strain on your eyes. The blue light can lead to cause headaches. However, there is a way to help alleviate the issues, and this could mean thinking about using specialty glasses that blocks the blue light rotated from our screens. If you look here you will find some extra information on this, but it could prove to help you feel less strained.

Eye strain in general

Sometimes it isn’t just the blue light that causes issues when it comes to using technology, but our eyes can get strained by staring at a screen for too long, especially if you are trying to read words or read up close things without reading glasses, you need them. Eye strain can cause headaches and even have us feeling nauseous if they are strained too much. Try and give yourself regular breaks between using screens, and if that doesn’t help, you can may wish to search for some natural medicines to help you get some relief – CFAH has a great list of natural pain relievers that you may find useful.

The way you use tech could affect your mental health

We all have our favorite applications on our phone or special websites that we like to visit, and often these include social media platforms. But have you ever thought about the negative effect these sites could have on your mental health? Everyone may share fragments of their lives online, but this is often only a highlights reel.

However, being exposed to all of the good stuff all of the time could leave you questioning your own life. This can lead to anxiety and depression and have you feeling negative towards your own life choices. Limiting your screen time or following accounts that share stuff that makes you feel positive and uplifted would be a great place to start. If social media is making you feel negative about yourself and you want professional guidance on how to overcome this problem, you can read more for options.

Neck strain from staring at your phone

Since the smartphone has launched and more people are spending time looking at their phones, there has been a sudden increase in neck strain because of the change in posture. You only have to look out in the cities and towns, everyone is engrossed in a phone for one reason or another, and because of that, you may start to notice an in or strains in your neck and even your back.

When using your phone or even sitting at a desk at work, try and be more mindful of your posture and position. It may help you to alleviate some of the pressure being put on your neck and back.

Let’s hope to highlight some of these things that will help you improve your experience of using tech and avoid feeling unwell in the process.

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