Facebook is one of the most famous and trustworthy social media platforms available in the market for people all around the world. There are millions of people worldwide who prefer using Facebook for communicating and sharing their photos and videos to their loved ones.

Of late, Facebook has gone through various allegations regarding the security and privacy of its users. Due to this, most users are deciding to delete their Facebook account forever rather than using it.

Most people are aware of the difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account. If you are planning to deactivate your Facebook account or looking to get your Facebook account disabled temporarily, then you would be able to reactivate it any time easily without any issues at all. If you have decided to permanently delete your Facebook account, then you will lose your account forever. It would be better to deactivate your Facebook account rather than permanently deleting it. Also, it is very easy to deactivate your account as it would take only 2-3 steps from your side.

Before deactivating your account, you should note that you are hiding all your vital information on Facebook. Your friends will not able to contact you on Facebook or view the posts you have shared, including your status, timeline, photos, and even updates. Are you looking for the vital steps to deactivate a Facebook account? If yes is your answer, then here are the steps you need to follow for deactivating your account

  • The first step is to open your Facebook account on your computer or phone
  • Now, you need to click the drop-down arrow on the toolbar, then select settings
  • After clicking settings, the settings page will appear and you need to click on Manage account
  • Click on Deactivate your account
  • You should mention a reason for deactivating the account. If you want, you can also add more details in the text box below.
  • Select Deactivate now
  • Finally, your account is completely deactivated. You would have the option to get your account back at any time by signing in to Facebook with your old account information.

Difference between Deactivating and Deleting Facebook

There is a major difference between deactivating and deleting your Facebook account. Deactivating a Facebook account is for those users who are not sure about leaving Facebook in the coming days. If you want some break from your social media friends and need to spend some time alone, then it is the right time to deactivate your account without any second thought. Most of the Facebook users prefer deactivating their account when they are out for a vacation or need some time with their family members.

Deleting a Facebook account is for those users who have decided to quit Facebook forever and not planning to use it again under any circumstances for sure. It is permanent and not a temporary one like deactivating the account. It is a final decision that should not be taken lightly. It would be better for you to understand that if you have decided to delete your account forever, then you would not get back all your photos, videos, memories, and chat history with your friends. Make sure you are considering all the facts of deleting the Facebook account before proceeding further.

Can my friends search for me If I Deactivate Facebook?

You should note that people can search by your Facebook name but your profile will never appear on the search page. Your photos, timelines, and list of likes will disappear and everything will be invisible. Deactivating your account does not completely delete it. After deactivating your account, Facebook will save all of your photos, settings, and information in case you have changed your mind to reactivate your account. Your account information is not gone forever- it just hidden from others.

However, it is also possible to delete your account permanently with no option for recovery. But full deletion will take a few days because the site will give you some time to think twice.

If you are trying to log back in soon after deactivating your account, then your account will get reactivated and you would be able to access it. It normally takes 90 days for the information to be removed completely from your Facebook account. You do not have to worry about your personal information anymore.

Can People See My Messages If I Deactivate Facebook?

Yes, your friends will be able to see your messages if you have deactivated your Facebook account. You can still use Messenger, so it means that your messages will be showing even after deactivating your Facebook account. If you press “Send”, then the message will go to the recipient’s inbox instantly.

However, if you have deleted your account, your old messages will read “Facebook User”. Your friends cannot respond you back; this is the same thing that happens whenever you block someone from your friend list. If you want to be invisible and do not want anyone to message you, then deleting the account will be a perfect option for you. It works the same as blocking someone so that other people will not able to check your profile and also not able to message you.

Can I Reactivate My Facebook Account at any time?

Yes, you can and there will be no issues at all. If you have decided to get your account back, then you just need to log in again. You can even change your password if you are not satisfied or forgotten about the old password. Your profile, photos, videos, posts, likes, and chat history will be always there. Previous comments and messages will re-appear and you would love checking out them again for sure.


At last, you need to understand that the Facebook account is very easy to reactivate. If you are confused regarding using Facebook, then you should always go for the deactivation of your account. Deactivating accounts will never delete your Facebook memories forever and you can get back your account whenever you want to. Try deactivating your Facebook account from your end and see the difference now!

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