When you use Memory cards to save films made with a camcorder or a smartphone, you should be aware because there is always the risk of losing part of your essential data. So, is it possible to retrieve lost files from an SD card on a MacBook? Yes, you can. It is critical to remain calm and perform specific measures to increase the chances of effectively recovering data.

Firstly, avoid using a Memory card. When you incorrectly format a USB stick while experimenting with a camera phone, you should quit using it immediately or risk resetting the storage capacity held by the erased information, which makes data restoration difficult.

The Card reader should not be reformatted: It probably won’t retrieve any data by reconfiguring the Memory stick, so ignore it and go directly to one of the three different data recovery procedures discussed.

Several digicams and smartphone computer programs include built-in security to prevent mistakenly erasing a clip. Whenever you notice you’ve lost a file, it is the first location you must search. Missing even these few photos or movies may be devastating. That is why every Apple user needs to learn how and where to recover erased contents from SD cards on MacBooks using a variety of ways, including complimentary Memory card backup software iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac.

iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac – Professional Data Recovery Software for Mac

iBatsoft Data Recovery for Mac is the best Computer data recovery software for Mac. With such a high success rate, restore erased data from emptying Recycle Bins and missing data from damaged or formatted disk drives, Memory cards, and other memory sticks. When your MacBook doesn’t switch on owing to a macOS/OS X catastrophe or disk space fault, the Mac backup and recovery program can help you restore your data.

Thanks to its built-in screening algorithms and root filesystem rebuilding methodologies, this adaptable document recovery program can save your valuable data from 500+ distinct accidental deletions scenarios. Recover the Docs, films, photos, and other types of files after being mistakenly erased or lost. As a result, to reformat system files instability, lost partitions, or RAW discs.

RAW Drive Repair and Recovery

A RAW partition has no file system or unrecognized or damaged one. Your drive has 0 bytes of usable space, and that you must reformat it first before using it. Whenever you try to open it, you message that the disk is inaccessible. This memory recovery program includes a strong file system factory reset as part of the update. It can rectify faults that lead to a RAW file system that the First Aid in Disk Utility operation can’t solve. For example, you can convert RAW to NTFS while losing data. If the storage device gets damaged beyond repair, iBatsoft data recovery software can comprehensively examine a RAW sector and reliably retrieve files, movies, and photos.

Features Of iBatsoft Data Recovery Software

Deleted file recovery: After using the “Delete” or “Command+Delete” commands, the iBatsoft data recovery program ultimately enables destroyed data recovery. It can recover files from such a Windows PC and outside hard discs, USB drives, Memory cards, and other Windows-compatible disk drives.

Recycle bin recovery: Deleted files can indeed be recovered first from Trash Bin either you intentionally clear it or after they have been deleted immediately after 30 days. Trash Bin restoration is simple using the iBatsoft Data Recovery program.

This specialist file recovery can retrieve files from drives when an HDD or removable drive becomes destroyed, distorted, or unreadable due to a power outage, incorrect expulsion, software errors, application failure, or a troublesome file system that appear to be deceased.

Data backups from a formatting drive: When a disc is reformatted, it’ll become blank, and all contents are gone. By recreating the old file system and retrieving the whole of your formatted information, this disk disks restoration software has always been your dependable answer to formatted disc recovering data.

Data recovery from a lost separation: When a hard disc is formatted, it becomes vacant, and all contents are gone. By recreating the old file system and retrieving all of the formatted information, this disk disks restoration software has always been your dependable answer to formatted disc recovering data.

Latent infection recovering: Although a viruses or malware infection is uncommon, it can result in data loss. One can use this flexible data retrieval application to safely and quickly restore data that one loses due to harmful malware.

Steps To Recover Your Data on MacBook/iMac

You could retrieve erased data from an SD card and any other hard drive memory stick using data recovery software. However, whenever anyone deletes a file in current operating systems, its data remains fully present on the memory stick until replaced. After that, only its conceptual linkages that provide access to the information happen. It is why, once again, we recommend not using the device till the content restores.

On Windows or Mac, follow these instructions to recover the lost images from a Memory card.
The first step is to obtain and activate your system’s iBatsoft data recovery software for MacBook. Next, follow these instructions to restore files from a Memory card on a

MacBook with iBatsoft data recovery software

  1. Set up and install the iBatsoft data recovery program on your Mac.
  2. Using a card machine, insert the Memory card into the MacBook and pick the scanning destination. Next, choose your Memory Card from the disc list, click the “Scan” button and start the operation.
  3. ibatsoft-data-recovery-screen

  4. To search the device for recovering files, select the Search for data lost option.
  5. Look at the list of executable files and choose the ones you want to restore. Select a place for the restored files and is not on the Memory card.
  6. To finish the procedure, click the “Save” option.


The monitoring algorithms in this software can recover deleted files or all of the data on a structured format Memory card. Using this operating system, recover the data from rewritable storage systems, including local hard drives, Memory cards, and flash memory.

Here have been a few more things to keep in mind if you’re trying to retrieve your lost videos.

  • It allows the screening procedure to finish when utilizing data recovery software for the highest possibility of a quick recovery.
  • Make it a practice to back your SD card information. It should be part of the usual backup routine to secure all of your essential data.
  • Keep your cards safe from physical harm. The data on a severely damaged card will not be recoverable.


You rarely know when you will reformat a Memory card, get infected with a virus, or erase a crucial file by mistake. Therefore, it is necessary and beneficial to have dependable, secured data recovery software so that you really can promptly respond to the calamity. You may get the iBatsoft program for mac Recovery Services unrestricted and use that as your initial defense against any data loss issues.

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