SD or memory card is an instant way for storing all critical pictures and data. But, a considerable fact about them is that they are very fragile. So, what happens if you wake up one day and see that the SD card is not working. Is photo recovery from sd card possible?

Recovering Deleted Photos from SD Card

SD cards are available in total capacities and perform various functions. They help in storage, speed, application performance, and much more. The most popular micro SD cards work well with tablets, digital, and video cameras, amongst other mobile devices. You will feel like you will face many issues if your SD card data disappears.

But, to ease out, you should know that you can recover the deleted photos from your SD card. Follow these simple steps that will help you restore your photos, and you are good to go.

  • There’s no need to worry or panic. Troubleshooting this idea will need you to apply some ideas methodically.
  • The lost and deleted photos will be a part of your micro SD card. You can retrieve them back as they do not get deleted. You cannot access them as you have new data that is outshining them.
  • So, if you wish to recover deleted photos, it is better to take steps for a higher success rate. Here’s a recommendation for you. Stop accessing your memory card after a while. It will not allow new data to overwrite the existing pictures and videos.
  • After pausing the access, make sure that you remove the card from the primary device to which the card is a part. It will help to prevent any data loss.

So, while attempting to save your photos from getting deleted, you might be doubtful about using the software. But, let me tell you that recovering photos from your SD card is not possible without the help of a photo recovery app.

What is photo recovery software?

An SD photo recovery software ensures an excellent rate of recovering photos and videos from an SD card. If your photos disappear, get deleted, lost, or are prone to erasing and formatting, a recovery application is a sure-shot key.

There are many recovery software options available for you. All these software might have the same aim, but the working of each might differ. Here are 3 data recovery software that will help you out save your pictures.

1. Stellar Photo Recovery

From Photo/video recovery to different kinds of Photo/Video Repair, Stellar Photo Recovery is an authentic pick. The main focus of this recovery software is that it lays its primary focus on restoring the image files. Don’t go on the name. You can rely on this software for recovering the lost audio and visual files as well. In short, any file that is making use of the camera for shooting.

Are you looking for ways to concise your research?

Try and be more specific about the file extensions or a region with links with the source card and disc. You have the option to choose the thumbnails. The need to select individual images no longer exists. Hence, if you are looking for handy and user-friendly software, this is the one to go for.


  • User can resume scans
  • Different versions available for both Windows and Mac
  • Free trial version for you to learn and get through the features
  • It helps you do proper scanning and know what is recoverable with thumbnail assistance
  • License mandatory for recovering
  • Free version which can be used to recover 250MB of media.

2. Recuva

The first undeletion program available for the Windows program. It is a photo recovery app that helps you recover a series of deleted items like pictures and music. Also, if you have lost some documents, videos, and emails amongst many other lost files, Recuva is a good option.

The best part about using this for photos and other data recovery is that recovery from discs that are no longer in use. Sometimes the undeleted files get the delete tag. It results in the operating system taking them to an area where storage is in the form of free space. You can make use of the free version of this recovery application as well. 80MB of data recovery is possible with the help of this software.


  • A free tool that helps in recovering 80MB of lost data
  • Helps in proper scanning of the lost data in the form of music, photos, and videos
  • Available for Windows only
  • One of the safest options to use to conduct the process of recovery
  • The setup has many more features and applications to offer that are free from any malware
  • Expensive in comparison to others

3. Wondershare Recoverit Photo Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit Photo Recovery is an excellent way to get your hands on and recover deleted photos. For data recovery, this is one of the most reliable and one-stop solutions. Recoverit for windows acts as an ultimate expert and guide around you.

It is not only going to help you in recovering data that either disappear, lost, or deleted. But will also help in repairing the corrupt video files causing issues with overall functionality. With Recoverit, you will be able to use simple steps to cater to various storage media needs and various kinds of file formats.


  • Original and full file recovery
  • Free file scanning and previewing before recovering
  • Creating bootable media to act against PC crash
  • Repairing corrupt videos
  • Video recovery in a reliable manne
  • Keeping the files in an intact manner


If you are trying by yourself and If your SD card data is not showing on your computer or laptop, there might be a chance of it getting deleted. You might think that things are wrong. But, the best take is to reach out to a photo recovery app.

This software has a design that will help to render the benefits in tough times like these. There are plenty apart from the above ones in the market. Make use of the one that suits your preference the best for recovering photos and other data from your SD card.

However, if you don’t have technical skills and find using recovery software complicated, you can find a reliable SD card data recovery professional to retrieve your lost data without any hassle.