Wopu Chat For Sending Private Message Without Social Media Account

The two most popular messaging apps which people widely use are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, people are unhappy with it. They want to use a new platform where their messages would be private, and no one would see the messages except the users.


There is also another alternative application that offers seamless messaging services, but often these applications are not trustworthy, and there can be a breach. Thus, for this, everyone is looking for a safe and reliable messaging service. In today’s world, social media and online communication are unavoidable in our daily life.

Hence are you also looking for a secure and more personal messaging application? Then below is the review for the Wopu chat.

What is Wopu Chat?

Wopu chat is a messaging service application that provides complete privacy to users. This application does not require any registration, installation and the most amazing fact is that the message disappears automatically.

It has a design specifically to meet these three requirements and serve the people with an alternative for private messaging, which tends to be isolated from their online presence. The wopu chat application is not only lightweight but also very efficient and offers seamless operation. A team of talents from various technological companies unite here and power this private messaging application.

This team of talents provides billions of social media users with a free alternative and efficiently addresses the issue of privacy in social media.n Users can use this application online seamlessly, and there will be no trace of users using it online. Hence, the Wopu chat app effectively isolates the users from email, phone numbers, social media, and other online presence.

Features of Wopu Chat

The features of Wopu chat are as below:

Build for Privacy

The users can anonymously chat on wopu. Moreover, it will clear the messages regularly to clear the potential traces. Furthermore, you can also delete your messages from your friend’s devices at any time.

Industry-standard security

You should use the wopu chat to enjoy industry-standard security. Wopu encrypts all the messages, thereby reassuring the users of a secure and safe private chatting environment.

Enhanced Content

Along with regular texting, users can also express their feelings by using an emoji of their choice from the library of several emojis. Furthermore, users also enjoy the flexibility to capture and upload numerous images and share them with their friends publicly. Thus, wopu chat is no less than a WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Easy to use

The wopu chat is straightforward to use, efficient, and also very seamless. It comprises an easy user interface. It comprises numerous chat features and designs that are similar to that of the popular chat applications. In wopu chat, you can also put message status, notifications, and more. You will be impressed on your first day of usage.

How To Use Wopu Chat?

If you want to know how to use the wopu chat, then below we will discuss the steps to use it in detail:

  • When you need to message someone privately, then you should use the wopu chat. First, you need to open your browser and visit its website.
  • You are not required to register yourself to use wopu chat.
  • Wopu-New-Chat

  • Then, you need to create a chat room. No social media log-in, email, or phone number is required.
  • Wopu-Create-New-Chat

  • After this you need to invite the person with whom you want to talk. You can invite them through different methods like chat link, chat id, or QR code. If you want to send the invitation online through a temporary email id or a fake social media account.
  • Wopu-Share-Chat-Id

  • Then, once the users join, you can chat with them in an anonymous mode and enjoy the powerful chatting features of the wopu chat like emoji, photo upload, chat deletion, read notification, and keep yourself isolated from the online presence.
  • Wopu-Chat-Room

  • Once you have completed your chatting, you can close the tab on the browser where you have opened the wopu chat. The Wopu chat app will automatically disappear from your device until you open it next time, following the same pattern.

Highlights of Wopu Chats

The highlights of wopu chats are as below. They are the things that make wopu chat stand out from the rest.

  • No Sign up required: You can easily send the messages privately to anyone using Wopu chat without signing up with your real phone number, email id, or any social media account. Hence, you are isolated from your online presence.
  • No Installation: To use the wopu chat, you are not required to install any application. Thus, one can spy on your phone and know that you are using a private messaging app.
  • No Hidden Fee: The users are not required to pay any fees to use the Wopu chat. It is free of cost. You can chat with anyone anonymously and also delete your online presence by using the Wopu chat free of cost.

Bottom Line

Hence, the Wopu chat is an excellent messaging app that enables users to maintain their privacy and chat with anyone in a secure manner. There will be no trace that you have to chat with anyone. You can chat privately and securely and enjoy the same features as that of the popular messaging applications.

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