How to Create Private Chat Room Using Chatzy

The craze for online chatting has never witnessed a setback, since its inception at Illinois University in 1973. Here, the very first chat room was created. From there on, the world of online chatting has been expanding. It is all getting bigger and bigger with time.

These days, Chatzy is one such platform that allows conducting private online chats through free private chat rooms. This tool allows creating a prompt private chat room with the assistance of a quick chat. Apart from this, Chatzy enables you to create virtual chat rooms with additional features to enjoy.

Certainly, both these chat rooms can be used for free. If you want to experience premium facilities on these options of creating chat rooms; then, a subscription to Chatzy is mandatory as it will unveil excellent options.

A premium user of Chatzy has to make an account with his or her email identification address. It will give them access to unlimited rooms, private messages, and no advertisement displays. In fact, you get to enjoy greater control over what happens in the free private chat rooms, and even the ability to invite any number of participants to their chat room.

This platform has been quite popular for its exclusive features with free and subscribed options. These rooms allow the chatters to enjoy special benefits and get the most from their brilliant chat experience. Indeed, the subscribed option allows for sending private messages to any of the users within the room too.

Creating a Private Chat Room

The purpose of creating free private chat rooms is to exchange personal messages to respective groups of people within the group. With a variety of chat rooms available, the private room requires you to monitor specific guidelines. These steps are as follows:

  • First of all, you need to have a valid email id to register for private chat rooms.
  • Then, you need to fill a kind of form that asks for the title or topic of chatting and customizing your massage room.
  • In terms of privacy, you can define the entrance to everyone knowing your email address or users with a confirmed email, or even the specifically invited one.
  • Setting your private chat room’s skin, stylizing like denoting a background color or a shade to writing style, and other prospects.
  • Finally, you have to set-up an administration panel by deciding over a password, filling your email id, and securing access with some questions that can be answered by the owner only.

Getting the Nerve of Chatzy

The platform of Chatzy is an ideal option for retaining class conversations that can be accessed by the invited participants only. Once users get the heck off its exclusive commands, having a wonderful chat experience is sure. You can enjoy rolling dice, share an image, flip a coin, sharing videos, and even sending emojis.

What makes it an ideal choice is the security that allows invited participants to join a conversation in the free private chat rooms. This keeps the conversation limited to specified participants only. Being simple to operate, Chatzy is becoming quite a popular platform for having a safe chat room for you only.

Well, creating free private chat rooms will enable you to invite restricted people and have control over the chat room through commands. Chatting has become more of a fun and safe manner with Chatzy without a doubt. What makes it more interesting is that you do not get disturbed by pop-up ads in the middle of your chats.

Online chatting is all about connecting with people on the global front. In this manner, you can find friends online, exchange your ideas, and develop a community too. Certainly, it is one of the best ways of establishing an online network.

All About Inviting People to Chat

Inviting people to your free private chat rooms is not a hard nut to crack. You have to go over the front page, enter a name, fill-in your email address for sending an invitation, and topic for chatting. Then, the invitation is sent immediately.

On the other side, you can send direct invitations from your chat room by clicking on the invite people section. Further to this, you have to fill out the form that appears thereafter.

In fact, the ability to create “My Rooms” will unveil a variety of rooms that get saved automatically. Moreover, you can select preferences for every room in terms of color and name. Now, this makes the idea of chatting at Chatzy to be a fun-filled activity.

In this way, you will be able to identify the room that was left yesterday. Besides this, you can set permissions for invitations that can allow only registered users to send an invitation and no one else in general. All these safety options will enable you to have a secured chat at Chatzy for sure.

Special Features of Private Chat Room

Free private chat rooms in Chatzy have some exceptional features that make your chatting experience to be wonderful and secured.

  • Moderator Notes
  • Visitor Status
  • Private Messages
  • Locally Saved Messages
  • Global Messages
  • Personal Messages
  • Room Board
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Preview Mode
  • Closing Chat Briefly
  • Silence Newbies
  • Ignore Visitors
  • Highlight Words
  • Show the Location

Secured Chatting at Chatzy

When it comes to the matter of securing your chat, Chatzy does not install any kind of program on your system. It is more reliant on the JavaScript commands carried out by the Internet browser used by you. This is quite contrary to other chatting platforms that ask you to install specialized messaging programs that may have a virus in them.

Apart from this, Chatzy does not transfer any kind of virus from a single chatter to another in the free private chat rooms. All you can see is the transferring of plain secured text. Certainly, the embedded codes and HTML tags are filtered for virus check before transferring.

In this way, you can rest assured of the fact that chatting at Chatzy is quite secured. You do not have to fear any malware attack on your laptop or computer at all.

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