If you want to create videos for your company’s social media strategy, it can be hard to decide on video software and enough things to learn. There are a few options to see which one best fits your needs, but I will go over a few of the most popular pieces of software used.

The resources we have yet to share have been tested, and we would like to share these options here with you so that you can choose what works for your business and focus more time on creating amazing content. Also, we’ll provide you with a list of all the video tools you’ll need in this post, from creation to promotion to staying on top of your social interaction to improve your social media videos.

There are several tools for your social media videos, and they will be categorized in this post into 3 different categories.

1. Visualization software

You don’t have to shoot all of your video material yourself. Using helpful tools to design visuals and video screens may add spice to your films. You can easily make a compelling video in minutes with the correct tools.

2. Tools for making and editing videos

These tools improve your film footage add video editing software to your collection. This ensures that all of your video clips flow smoothly and high quality.

3. Tools for following social media trends

These tools are used to discover what people are saying about your business. Also, they’ll give insights on what they’re saying about your product, competition, industry, video commercial, pandemic reaction, customer service wait times, new mascot—basically, everything your audience could have an opinion on.

Tools You Need to Enhance Your Social Media Video

Visualization Softwares

Adobe Spark Video

This free app (available on iOS and Android) lets you make short videos with text overlays and background music. It’s perfect for recording a quick video selfie or putting together a short marketing video with an overlay of your company logo.


This service offers templates for videos that you can use to showcase your brand, products, or services. You can add photos and video clips, choose from a huge selection of backing tracks, or upload your music. The cost starts at $16/month (billed annually).


Canva is a graphic design software company that offers a variety of layouts, photos, photo filters, symbols and shapes, and fonts to let users create slideshows, social media visuals, and more. In addition, a drag-and-drop design tool is combined with a stock collection of pictures, graphics, and artwork on the site.


This tool is used mainly for screen and camera recording simultaneously. Also, Loom is very easy to use. These will be useful if videos are more inclined into tutorials and lectures.

Tools for making and editing videos

Adobe Premiere

Professionals worldwide use Premiere Pro for everything from business and marketing projects to music videos, documentaries, and feature films. The application includes a user interface that is both straightforward and adaptable and organizing features. This tool also comes with many video editing programs that are quick to respond.


This tool has been used widely by marketers and ordinary people for merging, compressing, resizing, slideshow, cropping, rotation, and other video editing functions. Aside from being a professional video editing tool, users don’t need to install an application to edit the videos. This is a handy tool to add music or text to videos to help them stand out and attract relevant viewers.


With one powerful platform, you can quickly create broadcast-quality videos. With VEED, you can get all of the benefits of video creation, post-production, and sharing in one place. VEED is simple to use, with drag-and-drop editing, excellent effects, and the ability to translate various languages into English. It also allows you to make subtitles, cut videos quickly, compress them, and even merge videos. In addition, VEED is a quick and dependable program that runs on both Macs and PCs.


Apple’s iMovie is one of the many pre-installed applications on their products (iPhones,iPads, iPods, and Macs). This is a simplified video editing tool designed to create quality videos for filmmakers and people without professional video editing skills and knowledge. The application allows you to splice clips to add filters, transitions, titles, and background audio to your raw video footage. The good thing about this tool is that it is free to use and flexible as you can sync iMovie between Apple devices.

Tools for following social media trend


Nexalogy stands out with its top-tier data visualizations, such as interactive calendars, geotargeting heat maps, and lexical cluster maps that illustrate common subject trends. Plus “basic” information that would take weeks to figure out, such as the most popular keywords and active accounts.


Mentionlytics is an online and social media monitoring tool that is effective and straightforward. It discovers references across all types of web and social media platforms, based on user-defined keywords such as a company name, a product, a rival, or even a subject, to deliver customer insights.


Hootsuite features search streams that you can customize to monitor any social platform you choose so you can see what’s going on at a glance. Using keywords, hashtags, places, and particular people, zero in on important subjects, trends, and social profiles. Additionally, their social analytics dashboard displays your best-performing content and provides unique insights into why it’s succeeding.


Talkwalker provides consumer data that help companies positively affect their bottom line. The most successful worldwide businesses have moved to Talkwalker because we give them a robust software platform for uncovering, understanding, and deriving the most valuable insights from internal and external data in a world full of conversations.


To wrap up, there is no correct way to make a video. You’ll want to spend some time getting to know the tools you’re using. The more you use them, the better they will serve you. At the same time, there are plenty of resources available to help fine-tune your approach as well. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks and strategies for video. This will help you improve your social media videos.

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