For the past few months, we have been getting some questions related to the iMovie software, and the most asked questions are how to get iMovie for Windows, How to install iMovie on Windows, etc. There is no doubt that the questions arose due to the iMovie app’s popularity.

For the question like the iMovie for Windows, we can say that it is not possible to get iMovie for Windows, and hence you cannot install iMovie on Windows and Linux.

Why is iMovie not available for Windows?

If you know what iMovie is, you might know that iMovie is software available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. iMovie is an Apple software that is available only for Apple devices. Hence it is not available to any other platforms other than the Apple system.

Why is iMovie not available for non-apple devices?

If an independent third-party company develops an application, we can see that they offer the same application on each platform like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., or even for Android. However, in the case of iMovie, the app was developed by Apple and is an apple only software. Hence it is not available outside of the Apple echo system.

Can I install iMovie on a virtual machine?

If you can install macOS on your virtual machine, you can use iMovie on the virtual machine. However, it should be noted that it is not easy to install macOS on a virtual machine. Windows and Linux can be easily installed on a virtual machine. However, the minimum requirement for macOS is a bit high, and it is not feasible to run macOS on a virtual machine.

What is the best way to get iMovie?

If you need iMovie and are a Windows user, the only possible solution is to switch to Apple devices, grab an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac machine. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to use iMovie without an Apple device.

Alternative for iMovie on Windows

Another option is to use third-party video editors. For example, you can find some best alternatives for iMovie like HitFilm Express, VSDC Free Video Editor, Davinci Resolve, Olive, Openshot, etc.

Let’s see the iMovie Alternative for Windows in detail. Below is a list of five remarkable video creation apps that are a suitable alternative to iMovies. Here are our top-picked apps with a comprehensive brief of their features and pricing.

1. HitFilm Express

The first option on our list of video editors alternative to iMovies is FX Home’s HitFilm Express, which offers its users professional video editing features. This video editor allows you high-quality video exports, including 4K video formats without any watermark or logo. In addition, this tool comes with the best free VFX toolkit available online, enabling you to create professional-quality videos all by yourself.

The top editing features of this video creator tool are animation tools, shot enhancements, compositing, layering, unlimited tracks, audio mixer, transitions, dedicated trimmer, behavior effects, and vertical video editing. In addition, the color correction and grading tools help you achieve visually-pleasing results. HitFilm Express also has other editing options, such as motion tracking, compositor’s kit, and 3D model import.

You can get this editor for free and use it on a Mac or Windows device with at least 8GB RAM, an Intel or AMD Ryzen Graphics card, and an active internet connection. You can find over 100 hours of video tutorials teaching you to use this video editor best. The intuitive interface of this tool makes it easy to streamline your workflow and navigate through the features effortlessly.

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free video creation software only available on Windows computers with AMD or Intel processors at 800 MHz and 128 GB RAM. With this video editor, you can edit both the audio and video to get the best results. After creating your videos, you can export them to any platform, such as Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.

Using this video editor, you have access to features like conversion tools that allow you to convert audio and video files from one format to another. The motion tracking feature helps you register movement and assign the same to texts, icons, and images. Video stabilization enables you to remove any jitters in your video. You can also capture visuals using your webcam and use the same in the future.

The VSDC Free Video Editor has a simplified interface, where users can easily access all the features of this app. This video editor supports all popular video, audio, and image formats so that you don’t need a third-party converter. Now you can export 4K and HD quality videos with VSDC Free Video Editor.

3. Davinci Resolve 17

Davinci Resolve 17 is a comprehensive video creation tool that offers video editing, color correcting, motion graphics, audio, and visual effects. It is a free video editing software that you can run on devices compatible with Windows or Mac OS. Using the Davinci Resolve 17, you can use a drag and drop intuition to start editing your videos at high speed.

The overlay feature enables you to harmonize your edits with insert, overwrite, replace, and more options. The automatic trim and tighten tool allows you to remove overlapping parts of your videos for professional quality results. Use the transition and effects library to add smooth transitions to all your videos and 2D or 3D titles with customization options.

The Davinci Resolve 17 is the choice of Hollywood professionals, thanks to features like next-generation cut, color, and fusion tools. The audio consoles of this tool make it easier for your to perfect the audio with professional editing and mixing features. In addition, the quick import option allows you to add and organize videos from anywhere and even export them to Youtube, Twitter, and Vimeo.

4. Olive 0.2 Video Editor

Olive 0.2 is another professional open source video editing software you can use on a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating computer. It is a free video editor with advanced features, allowing you to produce high-quality videos. This app focuses on node-based composting, enabling the nodes to join everything together to create flexible and easy-to-handle editing.

The dashboard of Olive 0.2 has a node editor, parameter editor, preview window, project window, and timelines with tools, offering all your necessary tools in one place. The video editing features allow you to cut, slice, and zoom your videos. Positioning, transitioning, scaling, rotation, speed, and quality adjustment are some other options you get with this video editor software.

The disk caching feature of Olive 0.2 saves you from waiting for a video to load after you make any changes to it. The app renders the clips from the disk cache based on your disk cache capacity preferences. The color management enables you to match your video footage from various cameras by inducing everything in half-float or full-float.

5. Openshot Video Editor

Openshot Video Editor is a multi-platform software that allows you to create impressive videos. You can use this app on Linux, Windows, and Mac supporting devices. Using Openshot, you can incorporate audio and image files of any format into your videos. In addition, adding titles to your videos is easy with Openshot’s impressive collection of 40 title templates.

The best part is Openshot is free of cost, so you don’t have to pay any amount to use this app. Using Openshot, you can do anything from trimming your videos for unwanted parts to adding effects like color adjustment, slow motion, and more. In addition, you can add unlimited tracks to your videos, adding the desired audio, image, and graphics.

Openshot video editor has a simplified user interface and primary editing features like snapping, scaling, trimming, cutting, and rotation. You can add video transitions and 3D animations to your videos to give them a professional look. The audio editing and mixing feature allows you to perfect the video for your video. Openshot also has speed change features, enabling you to increase or decrease the speed of your clips.


iMovie is a great application that helps you create a beautiful movie, like videos from photos and videos. The application is so handy, and you create movies from your desktop or the smartphone. However, if you are not an Apple user, you won’t use the app on your device like Android, Windows, or even Linux.

You can find iMovie-like apps and software for Windows, but the original iMovie for Windows is impossible. However, Whether you get HitFilm Express, Openshot, or VSDC Free Video Editor, we are sure that you will have no difficulty creating professional-quality videos for every occasion.

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