Regardless of the type of brand you’re trying to promote, and social media presence is mandatory. That’s not a problem. Like any other business owner or marketer, you can create social media profiles and start posting content. The question is: what type of content will you post? Does the occasional status update make a real difference? Will random visuals work without writing detailed descriptions?

The truth is: you have to make more effort if you want to attract followers on social media. Check your competitors! Chances are, they are already posting creative content that keeps your target audience engaged. So how do you engage the same people when they have already found something they liked? You need to be bolder, more creative and focused on sharing versatile content.

We’ll list the types of social media posts with the greatest potential to attract and engage followers.


Reels are a relatively new type of Instagram content, which is similar to TikTok videos. It’s a short video format that works well for recipes and fun videos with popular music backgrounds. Instagram included reels in its Explore page. This makes your content easier for the target audience to locate.

Don’t be a stranger to the trends! Reels require some creativity, so don’t try to copy others. Instead, think of a unique approach that represents your brand, and have fun filming videos!

Collaboration Posts

You can collaborate with influencers and other brands through social media content. Both sides benefit from the collaboration, as they attract the other profile’s followers their way.

When you work with someone to create content, you can focus on webinars, interviews, and other types of events. Giveaways are a good idea, too. You can also make a deal to share each other’s content via stories. That’s a common practice among micro-influencers. They share profiles to support each other on social media.


Through a detailed tutorial, you can promote your products in the most user-friendly way. You show how they are useful, and you trigger people’s need to purchase them. Focus on creating excellent tutorials! Each product has a universal way of use, which your competitors have probably shared. Find a different approach that will make your content memorable. You can use a free plagiarism detector to check plagiarism in your content. If you detect any parts that are too similar to someone else’s content, rewrite them!

Most brands post tutorials in the form of blog posts. However, you don’t have to stick to that traditional format. This is a broad category of social media posts, created as videos, reels, slideshows, infographics, or photo descriptions.


Ever since Snapchat introduced the format back in 2011, almost every social media platform came out with a similar feature. Instagram stories are very effective in promoting businesses since you can boost their reach through advertising. The fact that Instagram and Facebook are connected also goes to your advantage. You can target both platforms with the same piece of content.

The urgency drives people to view stories. If they miss it, they won’t get another chance. This makes them an effective method for posting limited-time deals and discounts.

Animated Videos

Most influencers don’t mind showing up on camera. But what happens if you’re a business owner who doesn’t want to be the brand’s face? Maybe you don’t want to hire actors or influencers to create stories and YouTube videos. In that case, animated video content is the right way to go!

Creative animations don’t have to be complex and lengthy. You need to create a unique character and an engaging storyline.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Posts

When it comes to building a strong connection with your target audience, communication is key! Instead of waiting for the people to contact your customer support, you can invite them to ask their questions via social media. You’ll post public answers, which may help others with similar issues.

AMA posts may come in the form of stories, Facebook status updates, Instagram photo descriptions, and a series of tweets. In addition, you can share responses via live streams, comments, videos, carousels, blog posts, and status updates. Make the responses brief, clear, and on-topic.

User-Generated Content

Social proof gives people confidence that the product/service they are considering is exactly what they need. They get inspired by the experience of others, realizing that the particular investing would solve different problems or make their lives easier. The best way to accumulate social proof is through user-generated content.

You can invite your followers to share their experiences with your products or services and share their feedback via stories or carousels. When someone sends you a private message with positive feedback, you can ask for their permission to share a screenshot with your audience.

Educational Posts

You know a lot about the industry your brand belongs to, right? You can share some of that knowledge through social media posts. When people learn from your content, they remember the profile it came from.

Truly informative content teaches how your followers can make effective changes in their lives. It may come in stories with chronological steps, which will be saved in the profile’s highlights. You can also deliver it through long-form blog posts, eBooks, and downloadable PDF files. Of course, infographics work well, too!

Mix It Up!

You may notice that a particular type of content is incredibly engaging to your audience. However, sticking to a single format is not the best thing you could do. Such a strategy would soon make your profile boring compared to the versatile content that your competitors post. Of course, you can still be known for the best stories, but post some photos and videos on your Instagram feed as well.

Experiment with different types of content, and you’ll find formats that work. Then, you can create a schedule around those dominant formats. But you’ll spice it up with unexpected posts now and then.

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