As technology evolves, so is the landscape for music fans, and getting followers on Spotify is critical for any upcoming artist. Unfortunately, songs under 1000 streams aren’t recommended and rarely appear next to other tracks.

There are more than 400 million listeners on Spotify, and you should try to get your music discovered and listened to by as many people as possible. As a Spotify artist, having at least 1000 streams on a song is essential to get you seen on the platform and kick-start your Spotify growth. Here are some tips to get you started and increase your monthly listeners.

How to Get More Spotify Monthly Listeners

You can try several things to get more Spotify followers. We have explained some of them in detail below.

Use Tools Effectively

The tools within Spotify can help you to promote your music. They help in engaging with your fans and get more followers. All artists have access to these tools.

In addition, you can utilize Promo Cards, personalized graphics that help share your music on social media, from which your fans can promote it.
Canvas can also help here. A looping visual hooks people to your music, allowing them to save, share and add to their playlists. Spotify artists with canvas can potentially have 9% more profile visits.

Spice Up Your Page

To get followers, you need to spice up your page and ensure you have everything you need on your page, like the way you do on all other social media profiles. Keep it updated and let it have all the information most people who visit your page might need.

Your bio, for instance, could be more about why you began your music-making journey, the milestones, and the story. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured about it.

If you are starting, be honest about that, as being dishonest can have consequences when your fans finally find out the truth about you. Besides, if your music is good, you will have a decent amount of followers regardless of how long you have been in the industry.

Link Your Accounts

Connecting all your social media accounts allows new people to find your account. In addition, you will find new listeners from your social media accounts or people lurking around them. The bio on your social profiles can also direct people to Spotify and allow them to follow you and interact with your content.

Upload Pictures

Put up pictures relevant to your brand, such as pictures from press releases or any promotional material. These can even be behind-the-scenes from previous shows or rehearsals.

Ensure they are high quality, appealing, and complement your profile. You could also create a catalog and add a playlist to allow new people to view your profile and listen to your music. Adding playlists with your favorite songs and tracks inspires you and will enable you to connect to your listeners.

Pitching to Editorial Artists

Once you have set up your account and are ready to start making your content popular, you can begin by pitching to have them on editorial playlists. These popular playlists will expose your music to new people and increase your follower count.

However, before you pitch to the editor, you need to know a few things. These include the following:

  • The songs you pitch should be new (They have to be new)
  • Your song should not be a compilation
  • The earlier you pitch your music, the better the chance you have for the editor to hear it
  • You cannot include songs where you are the featured artist.

Also, remember that just because you pitch your song might not guarantee that it’s added to the playlist.

Get Your Music Saved

People rarely delete songs from their collections, and saving them is an added benefit to you. It increases your chances with algorithms as you are likely to be featured in the “Artists,” “Recently Played,” and “Songs” collections.

Listeners can go back to your music when they follow these pages, also increasing the chance of being in the “Discover Weekly,” “Release Radar,” and “Daily Mix.”

Ending up on these playlists can boost your streams and get you the vast number of followers you want.


Although the Spotify Algorithm changes occasionally, it works to favor artists with good engagement. You might get a spot on Spotify-generated playlists if you get large streaming numbers or have a wide music collection. Therefore, you must keep growing your followers count to find yourself on the list.

The more followers you have, the higher the chances of ending up on those playlists. So use the tips above to increase your monthly listeners and Spotify followers. Although the numbers will be small at first, they will grow, and in no time, you’ll be rocking thousands of listeners a month.

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