Soundcloud is a music streaming platform for both creators and listeners. It allows users to stream audio and upload their songs, which they can promote and share. The platform is for both the artist as well as the listener. It allows artists to upload their audio tracks, which they can share on their social networks.

Artists can promote their songs as well as earn money when their accounts monetize. Being a listener, you can find music and even like the tracks of your favorite artists. In this article, we will discuss Soundcloud, how it is different from Spotify, paid plan, and how to convert Soundcloud to MP3.

How Soundcloud Different from Spotify?

Soundcloud and Spotify are two of the massive streaming platforms online. However, both platforms have their differences.

For instance, Soundcloud focuses on artists and rappers who have just started and want to establish a career in the music industry. In contrast, Spotify is a comprehensive music streaming service for music fanatics.

There are certainly many differences between both platforms, and they do have their advantages that do outperform one another. Let’s discuss their differences based on their functionality.

Some of the points of difference

  • Ease of Use – Talking about the ease of use of both the platform, they both are easy to use. Spotify has an easy-to-use platform with which users are familiar. Users generally don’t find it challenging to search for their favorite albums or music from their favorite artists. Talking about Soundcloud, users do sometimes find it difficult to search for their favorite songs. But yes, talking about the interface, it also shares an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Song Library – Spotify has around 50 million soundtracks, whereas Soundcloud has over 125 million songs uploaded to its platform. It isn’t easy to upload songs on Spotify than on Soundcloud. However, if you are a well-established artist sharing your songs on the platform, you won’t find it difficult. At the same time, Soundcloud is for those who want to establish their music career and have just started. However, comparing the sound library, Spotify has premium quality songs. In contrast, you can find whereas Soundcloud has songs from the budding artist so that you can find low-quality content.
  • Downloading of Songs – In Spotify, users can download songs for offline listening if they have a premium subscription. Spotify allows premium users to download songs in high-quality audio. However, with Spotify, you will get a download limit of ten thousand songs. However, most of the songs on Soundcloud are free two downloads. There will be some songs on Soundcloud, for which the user must have the premium version.
  • Paid Plans of Soundcloud – There is a free version of Soundcloud as well as the paid version. The free version of the app allows you to listen to songs from various users, and you can also download songs for free. The free version has ads to justify the paid plans. There are two premium plans $4.99/month (Soundcloud Go) and $9.99/month (Soundcloud Go+). With Soundcloud Go, you get access to ad-free songs as well as can save unlimited songs. Soundcloud Go+ offers features like saving unlimited tracks, ad-free listening, access to a full catalog, and high-quality audio.
  • Focus on freshers – Soundcloud gives a platform to new rappers and artists to showcase their talent and content and thus helps in enhancing their outreach. In contrast, Spotify contains a mix of traditional, hit, and popular music albums from more known faces from the industry.

Converting Audio from Soundcloud To Mp3

  • You can easily convert Soundcloud to MP3. Converting the Soundcloud songs to mp3 will allow you to save the files on your device to transfer between your device.
  • When you save the songs on Soundcloud offline, it is only limited to the device you are saving.
  • However, converting Soundcloud songs to MP3 will allow you to share the files you save on another device.
  • This way, you can listen to your songs on any of the devices without downloading them again and again.
  • You can use a Soundcloud converter to download MP3 or convert songs from Soundcloud to MP3.
  • There are various Soundcloud to MP3 converter which you can use to convert songs from Soundcloud. So, what these Soundcloud to MP3 converter does?

Let’s discuss the step to convert the songs

  • Visit the SoundCloud convert. You will require to enter the URL of the song or the Playlist of the song. You can copy the link to the song or the playlist directly from the Soundcloud app or Soundcloud website. Once done, paste it in the space where you paste the URL.
  • After this, click on the convert button. The converter will begin to convert the song for you.
  • It will take some time to convert. Once the conversion to mp3 completes, you will see a download button to download the song. Click on the download button, and download the songs in MP3.
  • The downloaded song you downloaded in MP3 will be available in your local files to move or share with someone else.
  • The benefit of this is, you will not be limited to listening to that particular downloaded song on just one mobile. You can share it with other devices and listen to them as well.


It was all about Soundcloud and how to convert the songs on it to MP3. Soundcloud surely is a good platform, which one can use to stream music. It has various advantages over all the other music streaming apps. One such advantage is the availability of an MP3 converter. You will hardly get any converter for a premium or the paid streaming platform, due to which conversion of songs to MP3 won’t be possible.

However, Soundcloud being open to all creator’s platforms, does have various converters using which you can easily convert songs from Soundcloud to mp3. Moreover, most of the songs you will find on their platform are free to stream and free to download. You will only find some songs and audio tracks that require you to download paid subscriptions for offline streaming.