Are you looking for unlimited access to videos, music, social media, etc.? Well, PandaVPN does the same. From anywhere and anytime globally, watch online video streaming, carry out anonymous browsing, fast and secure connection with an easy-to-use VPN. In short, you will get unrestricted and safe network access worldwide with PandaVPN.

Overview of PandaVPN

PandaVPN is the top-rated VPN worldwide. With PandaVPN, you can unblock websites and protect all your devices. Some of the remarkable features of the PandaVPN are high speed, secure encryption, hassle-free usability, and 24*7 support.

Any Android user can easily use PandaVPN to protect private data on several devices. Apart from Android devices, PandaVPN is accessible on iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android TV, and other platforms.

PandaVPN supports all mainstream devices on the market, thereby guaranteeing that you can protect your private data on multiple platform devices.

PandaVPN offers complete access to your favorite online streaming content without compromising your privacy. Hence, you can watch content freely without any privacy issues.

PandaVPN gives you a virtual IP address. And with the help of this address, you can stay anonymous on the internet.

With PandaVPN, you can hide all your online activity. The VPN offers you an invisibility cloak on the internet, so all your online activity is 100% anonymous and untraceable with encrypted connections guarantee 100% security of your data with PandaVPN.

PandaVPN is beneficial to unblock streaming media. You can watch smooth videos on various platforms irrespective of the time and location. You can watch your favorite streaming platforms such as NETFLIX, HULU, HBO, AbemaTV, Disney, etc.

The VPN also offers a one-click connection and server selection so that you can access the network without any limits.

PandaVPN allows you to secure your internet connection with just a click. Anyone can use PandaVPN for a private, secure, and virtual data tunnel. Furthermore, the VPN lets you enjoy a stable Wi-Fi connection on personal and public networks.

PandaVPN has some affordable pricing options, with its apps relatively easy to use. However, the PandaVPN cannot provide the user’s reliability, unlike alternative VPNs at the same price or a bit less.


Features of PandaVPN

Some of the top features of PandaVPN are as follows:

  • Ultra-fast Servers: PandaVPN features several servers, all of which are powered by patented acceleration technology. PandaVPN offers ultra-fast IPLC servers, so internet users face zero traffic limits or buffering issues.
  • Free of any logs Policy: PandaVPN provides a strict implementation of the no-logs policy. No logs policy is beneficial because, with PandaVPN, your data between applications and platforms will remain completely anonymous and protected. This helps PandaVPN with complete online privacy.
  • No Snooping of Data: PandaVPN comes with the highest level of secure ECC encrypted technology. PandaVPN protects your internet access, thereby ensuring that no one can snoop your data.
  • Fast and stable connection: PandaVPN supports 3000+ online servers in 127 VPN server locations. Thus, with the help of this VPN, you can easily enjoy a fast and stable internet connection anytime, anywhere.
  • Unblock GEO restrictions: PandaVPN can change your virtual location and help you unblock GEO restrictions so that you can visit websites without any hassle. Moreover, you can also play games and simultaneously stream videos.
  • No traffic limit: PandaVPN offers a boost-up to the speed of your network. PandaVPN can reach up to 10Gbps that too, with zero traffic limitations.
  • Encrypt all your data with PandaVPN: PandaVPN offers your network connection with complete security. Usually, public WI-FI is prone to hackers. Thus hackers can easily steal your password and data. PandaVPN acts as a protection to your network and ensures that no threat occurs to your account. Furthermore, PandaVPN encrypts all your data and keeps it completely safe on any public Wi-Fi network.

Highlights of PandaVPN

  • Supports virtual locations in 19 countries(worldwide)
  • It is accessible up to 5 connected devices
  • Offers Windows operating system compatibility
  • 24*7 technical support to the users

Pros and Cons of PandaVPN


  • PandaVPN is a free limited version.
  • It comes with 256-bit encryption.
  • Offers a quick and stable internet connection.
  • PandaVPN supports conventional and decent speeds.
  • Users will get unlimited bandwidth (only premium users) as well as server switching.
  • PandaVPN stores no activity logs.
  • Comes with comprehensive customer support.
  • Large Server support over 3000+ servers in 127 countries.
  • You can find gaming, streaming, and torrenting servers as a separate list which makes it easy to select.
  • Streaming Videos without buffer. Can watch NetFlix videos without any issue.


  • The free version supports a moderate number of virtual locations.
  • PandaVPN does not come with a kill switch feature.
  • On Android mobile, we saw that it would create an account for your device automatically and gets logged in when you install the app, So if you have already subscribed to PandaVPN from another device like desktop, you need to logout from the mobile-first and then again login using the original account (the once subscribed from desktop).

PandaVPN Pricing

PandaVPN is divided into 3 pricing plans, i.e., per month, for 3 months, or a year. And it’s true for any VPN service; if you choose the longest contract, you will benefit the most because the 12-month plan will ask you to pay less per month than the one-month contract.

A month’s VPN price is worth $9.99, a 3-months VPN plan is worth $6.99, and a year’s VPN price is worth $2.49.

Free vs. Paid Version (Free version on PandaVPN Free Android app)

PandaVPN is available both as a paid and free version. So, an internet user who is only a casual streamer looking forward to unblocking a site on a one-time basis can go with the free version of the PandaVPN Free Android app. However, prolonged usage of the VPN over the internet requires a paid version.

We already mentioned that the free version of PandaVPN offers only a limited number of servers. But they also provide some solution for that. You can even enjoy more servers without any cost. Yes, you can unblock more locations simply by watching the ads. So if you are not looking to pay extra for an additional server location, then it possible to watch the ads.

Sale Pricing when purchasing a 1-year plan

PandaVPN offers exclusive savings while purchasing 1 Year Plan. With all the 1-Year plan, you will get an additional 1 year free. So, in total, you can enjoy PandaVPN for 2 years for the price of a 1-year Plan.


Similarly, an additional 6 months free VPN service with 6 months plan is also there.

Device Support – Download PandaVPN

Currently, PandaVPN is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Linux systems. In addition, you can easily download and install PandaVPN on Windows PC, MAC, Android Phone, Android Tablet & TV, iPhone & iPad, and Linux devices.


Bottom Line

We used the VPN for more than 1 month, and we can say that it can be a good alternative for top VPNs like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. We mostly used the United States as our preference, and the connection was quite stable all the time.

Since we can see the server load and the ping time while choosing a location, we can find the best server all the time. Another thing we noticed is that the middle East location stable. Some of the cheap VPN providers are also offering middle east locations, but most of them are of no use. But with PandaVPN, it is not the case, and we love the middle East performance, especially Dubai.

So, for an affordable, stable, and great VPN, PandaVPN is a great option.