How to Protect Children’s Privacy Online via a VPN?

In these modern times, we rely on the internet when it comes to researching the desired information. Now, looking at it from our perspective we have little to worry about since we are responsible adults who know what they are doing or what they are looking for, but what about our children? Do we know what they are doing on the internet at how everyday internet activity affects them?

Studies show that kids these days gain access to modern technology devices quite early. Some people refer to it as a modern-day babysitter for our children. Whatever the case may be, our children’s privacy and security on the internet should always be our number one priority. This is not a problem we should be pinning on children since they have no grasp of what dangers could lurk on the internet, but instead, we should wonder what can we do to protect children’s privacy in this uncontrollable environment. This article will help you get to know some of the potential dangers that might lurk on the internet and how to use a Virtual Private Network to deal with those issues.

Why is it important to protect children’s privacy?

As mentioned above, there are studies that have shown that parents often turn to technology when it comes to “keeping their children busy”. Since we can view the internet as a large unlimited pool of information that one can benefit from, there are also a lot of scammers and hackers waiting for the perfect opportunity to invade your privacy. Technology is always adapting and stays in tides with the times thus projecting itself in our and our children’s lives. Even-though we spend hours and hours on the internet as our main source of amusement, many people admit to never checking their children’s internet browsing history or activity. One of the best ways to protect your children on the internet is with frequent and open conversations about their lives, but there are also certain tools that could be used to help you control their internet activity. These tools are amateur-friendly so there is no worry that it might be complicated or difficult.

What can you do to protect your children’s privacy online

Besides providing your children support in real life there are certain tools and options that you could turn to when it comes to their online protection. There are VPN providers which will provide you with the “child-safe” option to help you deal with some of the issues they may encounter while browsing the internet:

  • Restricting search engine results – Search engines are a primary tool into getting users to unknown websites and pages and by using VPN you could block all of the potential harmful websites that your child may visit
  • Hiding your true location – Many hackers or scammers use your IP address location to track you and cause a physical threat to you or your child. Using VPN your internet location will be hidden, as well as your real IP address and every online activity will remain undetected and safe from any potential malicious intent or attack
  • Inappropriate website block – There are over a million websites on the internet that contain explicit adult content with very little security protocols. This means that they are easy to gain access to and tracking them down and blocking them manually could take a lot of work. You can use VPN to track down and block those websites as soon as they are identified on your device
  • Masking your IP address while browsing – One of the main perks of using a VPN is that it can easily mask your IP address which sends information that reveals your physical location to the IoT (Internet of Things). This is often used by marketing companies to track you down and adjust their advertisement to your physical location. This could also be used by hackers, scammers or even cyber-bullies
  • VPN encrypts your internet traffic – Every data or piece of information being sent by you or others on the internet is being tracked. Usually, this applies to your internet provides and the government. Connecting to a public network will reveal your internet activity as well as browsing and downloading history. By creating a tunneled protocol which serves as a shield that will block your internet traffic from being breached from the outside, VPN ensures a safe and pleasant experience on the internet
  • Social media safety – In this time and age social media is one of the main sources of information about other people as well as a primary communication vessel. We would not exaggerate when saying that almost everyone today is on social media. Using VPN you will protect your children’s privacy by not revealing their true location and keep them safe from any possible real-life danger or exposure.
  • Cyber-bullying and gaming – Gaming is slowly becoming a sport. We see the rise of its aspects on a daily basis and many game developers are working on using communication methods such as chatting and voice commands to improve the gaming experience. Of course, these gaming companies cannot control everything that is being said or done in the games. Even though this does not present a real-life threat to your children, many turn to cyber-bullying as a form of abuse. The best thing to do is to monitor the gaming experience of your children but you could also use a VPN to prevent certain games from being available to your child. As there are certain games that have an increasingly toxic community.

    VPN or Virtual Private Network is an internet encryption tool that will help you stay safe on the internet. Serving as a shield it can prevent almost any harm that you may encounter while browsing the internet and its main purpose is to preserve your identity and anonymity while doing so.

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