Are Free VPN Safe? Things to Know Before Using Free VPN

A Virtual Private Network is the primary way to protect your privacy online. With the growth of the popularity of VPN, people get more conscious about internet privacy.

Want to catch on more about Are free VPNs safe? This passage will let you know what complexity may create a free VPN, how much they ensure your safety. What vital things you should know about a free VPN.

According to the Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia, more than 283 VPN applications cannot provide the safety that customers actually needed.

Are Free VPNs safe?

There are two kinds of VPN providers: paid service and the other is non-paid service. The VPN, which provides service without cost, is less secure to use. But the Best Free VPNs can provide you with secure service along with some better privacy as mentioned in forprivacy.


Free VPN, which provides service without cost, may track your data because they have a no-logs policy. If they don’t want money from you, then how do they earn it? They leak your data and buy it to third parties like Marketing Company, Medical Company, advertisement agencies. They use those data to make a profile for getting traffic for their business. While paid VPN is the opposite of a free VPN.

The security system of non-paid VPN is not standard. Hackers and spies can easily track your online activity. They can take your data from your device and also can hack your bank account. If you use a non-paid VPN, remember you are under your Government surveillance. While using a paid VPN is the most secure way of being anonymous in the online world. No one can route you or distress you. It works as a safeguard around you.

Things to know before using free VPNs

Before you use Free VPNs in Public places on your device, you should know those listed things. We hope by going through this section, you will be more concerned about your safety. We completely discourage using a non-paid VPN.

VPN provider could be infected with malware

Some Free VPN shows ads on their interface. Because this is the source of income for them, they are also unable to block ads. Thus malware can attack your device because most of the malware viruses are related to advertisements.

Fail To Unblocking Content

Many streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, etc., have blocked some content. Due to the geo-restriction policy, you can’t access those sites from different countries. All you need is an IP address of streaming allowing countries. Many Free VPN could not unblock those content. Because they have not the ability to break the geo-restriction of sites.

Slow Down Your Internet

When you connect to the internet through a VPN, your connection may slow down because of the bad service of your VPN. Sometimes many Free VPN is unable to ensure a smooth connection. Sometimes many VPN has two methods, Free and Paid Service. In free service, they make your connection sluggish to encourage you to sign-up for a paid VPN.

Allow Delivery of Online Ads

Free VPN needs money. That’s why they deliver ads to make money. Sometimes many Free VPN allows delivering ads on your browser. The VPN Hotspot Shield is an example. They rely on ad-servicing trackers, which can track your online activity.


Allow Government to Collect Your Data

While you are using a VPN to stay safe from Government surveillance but actually unable, it’s a matter of regret. Many countries have banned VPN like China. When you use a low-rated free VPN against the Government Laws, it doesn’t actually work at all. The government can be spying on you if they want. It means you are not completely free in the online world.

The Secure Solution to Access an Unrestricted Internet

Paid VPN makes money by offering the best security services. A free VPN server may lead to stealing your identity, while paid VPN keeps your data safe and ensures your online safety. But all paid are not the same. All do not provide good services. So we collect some points that you should keep in mind before purchasing a VPN.

Connection Speed – Consider Connection Speed as the priority. An uninterrupted smooth connection is a key feature of a trustworthy VPN.

VPN Servers – Choose a VPN that has servers from all around the world with numerous server locations. The more servers you can use, the freer you will be.

VPN Protocols – The Protocols of VPN should have a 100% success rate. The downtime and disruptions of VPN should be avoided while choosing the right VPN.

Privacy Policy – Some VPN Don’t have a no-log policy. A good VPN follows a no-log policy strictly. The encryption policy of a VPN also should consider while purchasing.

Customer Support – 24/7 customer support and the VPN service provider’s fastest reply are other key facts you should consider before purchase.

Benefits of Using Paid or Premium VPN

Using a Paid or VPN is the safest way to surf the internet. They have the capability of breaking the geo-restriction of any streaming sites. They have a military guard encryption policy to protect your data. Premium VPN has other features you need for your security like split tunneling, no logs, DNS & IP leak protection.

A premium VPN has unlimited bandwidth and can make the speediest connection. The secure connection of Premium VPN gives you the facility of using the internet without any hassle. They always make your identity anonymous and give you perfect safety.

Final Thought

The importance of using a VPN is undeniable. Besides, using a low-rated VPN is not the safest way. So while deciding about a VPN, you should choose it wisely.

If you want proper protection online, avoid a low-rated VPN because that VPN is not secure. In our entitled write-up, Are free VPNs safe? Things to know before using free VPNs we have already discussed the dark side of VPN. We have shown you which considerable things you should remember while purchasing a VPN good VPN.

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