Idea International Roaming Not Working

Idea Communication’s international Roaming service is not working properly in most time. Many customers in the UAE now complaining that they are not getting connected to the network for a few days. The problem is not actually due to some network issue and not in common. However, the service is still active for a large number of users out there.

At first, all the user thought that it was there SIM problem but later communicating to others, they realized that it was a network issue. If the problem still persists for you head over to Idea cellular website and initiate a live chat with the customer care. Hope they can sort it out quickly.

We are looking forward to getting the issue sorted at the earliest. It is also to be noted that, the issue is not only with Idea, Top network like Jio also having issues in International Roaming.

If you are also facing the issue, please comment it below, we will inform it to Idea Cellular.

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51 thoughts on “Idea International Roaming Not Working”

  1. Hi! I am having a different issue. I switched on my data for a few minutes and then switched it back off again. Now After 15 days I got my bill for daily data use for more than 4000 INR. I even removed the sim from my phone and still I am being charged very high amount. Now my phone is showing as barred.

    I am trying to reach customer case for last 1 week and it is only showing recorded message and keep on waiting.

    • Hi,
      Are you using your SIM in international roaming. Also, did you tried to contact customer care via phone or email. What i suggest is go to Idea Cellular official website and you can initiate Chat with customer care, and please tell your issues with them.

  2. Hii sir I am not getting of idea network only showing emergency call

  3. Hi i am an idea user when I came to Oman my idea Sim was active and I used to get messages for nearly one year but now when I changed my mobile I am not getting networks its showing no service… How do I get the network back….??

  4. Hi,

    My internet pack is not working when it is in roaming.

    I recharged the sim with 398 pack but net is not working

  5. I m using idea sim in Oman.since yesterday I’m not getting network.its show no service.pls let me know wat is the issue.bcz my sim is connected with netbank.i called cc.but I did not get any satusfy with their and

    • If you using it normally and on of a sudden if network gone, it might be the network issue with the partner network in oman. You can contact the customer care via chat. They will revert back to you.

  6. Hi I am in Saginaw, Michigan USA with Idea prepaid connection. My number is not getting registered on any network. When trying to search network manually, its showing cant search the mobile networks. Can you please help?

    • Hi, Are you able find the available network while searching, if its available and is shown as forbidden, then it is network issue, better you contact the customer support via chat ( they will help you.

  7. My Idea SIM is not working in South Africa. I have contacted several times to the customer care through email, and they told to reset network and other procedures, but none of them worked. After third time they closed the complaint showing that they could not contact me !!
    Poor customer service ever.

  8. Dear Idea Executive,

    My Idea SIM was working in Singapore since 31 October 2018. But from 1 November 2018, there is no network coverage for Idea SIM. I checked with the roaming partner in Singapore, but they said they are not having any network issues and their network is working fine. They asked me to check with IDEA in India. When I checked with IDEA customer service executive in India, they registered a complaint on this issue, and they are still resolving this issue. and they told to reset network and other procedures, but none of them worked. After third time they closed the complaint showing that they could not contact me !! But no solutions have been done so far.

    I am stuck with this issue. All my OTP will be sent to this IDEA number and I am helpless now. Kindly resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Extremely Poor customer service ever.

    • Hi Fysal,

      What i can recommend you is to contact the customer support again and provide them an alternative Singapore number, so that they can reach you over that. Also specify them the issue is still there and being closed without any resolution.

      • Same thing here. Iam in USA. No connection to any network since sep 2018. Idea just simple says everything is fine on thier side. Who the hell we shd contact to resolve the issue. Iam in New Jersey USA.

        • Hi Ashok,

          Sorry to hear that, if the problem is not yet solved even after contacting customer care, the only solution for you to get a duplicate SIM card in India (if possible) in-order to avoid disconnection of your number. After 90 days inactivity, there is a chance for disconnection. Alternatively, you can do topup or do minimum recharge for 35 to avoid it.

  9. Hi iam afsal
    I was using idea since 7years but unfortunately i was camed dubai last nov 4th and i tried to use my idea but i dont get any network connect ion and iam try to register with du and ethisalath but its not wrking
    Now im in dubai why i cant get connection
    My whats app and every net bank has connected with idea every time the apps asking otp so what i do
    This problem only facing idea customers
    Here bsnl customers easly using their number

  10. hii sir. sir my idea sim not working in Saudi Arabia no network not selected on mobily network sct network and zain network

  11. I have a prepaid Idea connection that was working perfectly fine in India till early Jan 2019. Came to Singapore and got No Service. I tried changing instruments, selecting Networks manually, hard and soft reboot etc etc, contacted the local Network provider (M1) but no success. Logged complaint with Idea web chat at and after multiple follow-ups and irritating sessions, I got the following response from them “As we have received the update from our team we won’t have network tie-up with Singapore so we are unable to help you for network service.” So forget receiving OPTs. It seems the Vodafone merger means the end of my relationship with Idea.

    • Sorry to hear that, i recommend you to take an additional SIM card from another operator as a backup service, for your next journey. Airtel and Jio seems the best option.

  12. Hi my idea number not having network in saudi arabia from today morning onward while i using idea post paid connection with international roaming service.

    • Hi Faizal,

      Please contact them via chat thorough the ideacellular website and log your complaint. Also provide them your local alternative number for further communication.

  13. I also facing same problem I take package of 28 days international roming from 20 jan. But from today no network and idea chat option always busy

  14. Hi I am Rajeev from Seychelles, since 2nd of March 2020, I am not getting range for my Idea no. I had contacted customer care and did all the searching option still having the same issue , no range no service, ” Selected network unavailable”.


  15. I am staying in panama from 11/03/2020 but from that date am not getting network in idea.
    I tried to search manually but no any network is connecting to idea.
    I checked in “my idea app” there international roaming service is showing not active. But it should active automatically.
    Now I am afraiding to lose my number.
    Please help me. Asap

    • You can contact the customer care via online chat from their website. They can help you to connect to the roaming network. Once it is activated, you cna make and receive calls so that the number will not be lost.

  16. hi i am in oman.. My idea sim is not working. It was working before. Since few months its nt working.. Plz help me. Its urgent


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