International Roaming by Jio was introduced as the most economical and unbeatable international roaming package on both prepaid and postpaid connections, and it got wide attention from travelers and NRIs. But in reality, the offer is not so excellent or feasible either.

This article reflects on my experience with Jio back in 2018-19. However, times have changed, and by 2024, there’s been a significant transformation. Now, without a doubt, Jio has become a reliable option for your international travel plans.

Jio International Roaming Service is now available in the United States, the UK, major European countries, Australia, and almost all Asian Countries. So you can use your Jio SIM in the USA, UAE, UK, European countries, the Middle East, and many more. In this article, I explain my initial experience using the International Roaming service by Jio and how it will perform in 2024.

Jio International Roaming Plan Offered Worldwide

I also activated Jio International Roaming Service on my number to enjoy and understand the service using their Global Pack for Rs. 1101/- ($15). So you can check how Jio International Roaming Activation can be done here. But my experience with the service and the customer care team was terrible.

To enjoy the service offered by the company, I did the recharge for International roaming from India while I was there. After that, I got a message from Jio saying that I had also activated my Service. So I got Rs. 1211/- credited to my IR Talk-time (Around $16) with 28 days validity. The next day, when I reached Dubai, UAE, as expected, my Jio Number became active, and I could make and receive all at the standard rate (Rs. 2/- for the call, SMS, and data).

Reliance Jio Not Activated

Everything was fine for the 1st week. After that, one early morning, I got an email from Jio saying that my International Roaming service had been activated. At first, I thought it was a delayed email from the team because my IR had already been active for one week, but I got it one week later.

But, after reading the email, I found the no signal icon for Jio SIM while looking into the mobile. At first, as usual, I did all the basic steps, such as restarting the mobile, reinserting the SIM, trying manual network selection (failed to register), and testing on another handset. Nothing happened.

Then I decided to call customer care and did that. All the customer care team asked me for the details, etc., and asked me to do the basic troubleshooting, which I already did. As they asked, I did it all once again. Nothing happened, and finally, they complained about the same. Also, they told me they would solve it or provide me with a solution within 48 hrs. Even though it is 48 hours, I will finish it before that. So I waited for their reply.

But, when time passed, to make the follow-up, I emailed them before that time, and I always received an email saying, “Your issue is very important to Us so that we will solve it before that time.” In the evening, I called again with the complaint number for the follow-up. Each time, I had to make ISD calls to their customer care, and what I got from them was that they couldn’t say anything about the issue before the specified time, so I had to wait until that time.

Then, the next day, one representative contacted me via WhatsApp, and again, they asked me to do the same troubleshooting. I told him everything, and they needed me to do it again. I did it again. Nothing happens. Then, when I asked him about the situation, he said they did some modifications and please try again, but nothing happened. It repeated for two days. Nothing changed.

When the specified 48 hours finished, they completely stopped interacting with me. Once I sent a message on WhatsApp, the representative read it, and he neglected it (i can see the blue tick on the read notes). In the email also, there was no reply after that time.

I asked them to explain the issue, but they didn’t know the problem. So finally, I asked them to deactivate the service and transfer the IR talk time to the principal balance since I can only use the IR talk time in International roaming (their service is not working). It has only 28 days of validity. So it will be there as dead money. But unfortunately, that request was also neglected, and they stopped responding.

What I learned from my experience

Jio is a game-changer in the Indian telecom industry, offering mobile users the most attractive and economical offers. Still, Jio is not at all the best network in India.

  1. Avoid using Jio SIM for the International Roaming service while traveling or staying abroad. Only use Jio within India to enjoy the free benefits such as Voice Calls and Data.
  2. Keep your Jio number as your secondary number, and never change your primary number to Jio.
  3. While traveling abroad, you can choose Airtel, Vodafone, or Idea since they have an established network and service; their service is transparent. Jio demands you activate the IR service while you are in India. You may not have noticed any issues at that time since you are in India. But once you reach abroad, Jio SIM will not register to the foreign network. The pack and money will become invalid, whereas other network lets you activate from a foreign country, so you can 1st verify whether it is working.
  4. Jio’s customer care is very poor: Since Jio has become one of the biggest networks in India, and to handle a large number of customers, they took a large number of customer care representatives, and because of that, most of the support team are just technically unskilled ones. They will never understand your issue. They always tell you the same thing again and again. The only good thing is that you will quickly connect to a representative. But it is worth only a simple casual chat.

Note: I mentioned the IR issue from my experience, and I am not saying the same issue exists with all the Jio numbers. After I faced the problem, I researched it and found that most of the people who used the IR service experienced issues like this, and for some people, it’s working fine.

So we cannot identify the actual issue also. So the chance here is 50-50. If you are lucky, it will work fine for you. So you can try your luck with the Jio SIM, and if you are not ready to take the risk, go for Airtel or VI.

Jio International Roaming in 2024 For US, UK, Middle East, Australia, etc.

Update on February 2024: It has been almost 6 years since Jio launched the International Roaming launch. We can say that Jio is working fine in nearly all the locations. But in some places, some strange issues are still happening, so we recommend you check the new problems that some users face while in the international location.

Jio also added a few more International packages and the initial IR packs. In the meantime, you can use your Jio SIM for your international journey and make sure the country you visit is listed in Jio’s IR destination. You can check the list of countries here.

Jio International Roaming Plan Without WiFi Calling – Plan 1101

In this plan, Jio offers Rs. 933.05 usages for International Roaming. The outgoing and incoming calls are based on this plan’s Pay As Go rate. However, incoming calls on the WiFi network will only be charged Rs. 1.

Jio International Roaming Plan With WiFi Calling – Plan 1102

In the WiFi plan, Rs. 933.09 can be used for IR usage. The incoming and outgoing calls to India are charged at Rs. 1 while on WiFi. Without WiFI, the regular PayAsGo rates will be applicable.

How Many Days Jio SIM Work Without Recharge

Since Jio SIM doesn’t require mandatory minimum recharge to receive incoming calls, you can receive incoming calls free without any recharge. So, if you use your SIM card at least once every 90 days for incoming calls, your SIM will work continuously without any issues.

Does Jio SIM offer Roaming For Free?

Yes, Jio offers a free-roaming service to all customers. However, to activate the roaming on your number, you must recharge with any IR pack, which is a one-time process.

Is the Jio International SMS Pack Available?

Jio does not provide any SMS-based pack for local and International SMS. Instead, local SMS is bundled with plan vouchers, whereas international SMS can be made using Talktime balance.

Can I use Jio as my International Roaming SIM in 2024?

Without any doubt, you can consider Jio as your roaming SIM in 2024. The main reason is that from 2021 to 2024, things changed a lot, and the experience mentioned above was based on the service in 2017-2018 times. At that time, Jio’s international roaming service was in its initial stage, and thus they faced those issues. Things have changed, and you won’t find any huge problems.

If you face any issues, their support will help you resolve the problems.

Can I get WiFi Calling in Jio International Roaming?

Yes, it was one unique feature that Jio is the only service provider currently offering its users. If you recharge your Jio number with plans like Plan 1101 or Plan 1102, you can enjoy the WiFi calling feature abroad. You can use any WiFi connection abroad and make uninterrupted calls to India using Jio International Roaming WiFi Calls.

Which Network is the Best Alternative for Jio International Roaming in the US and UK?

Considering the cost, Jio is the only network offering the cheapest IR service worldwide. No other operators are even near Jio. However, when considering the service, the best operator is Airtel. This is because Airtel has been in the industry for a long time and offers consistent and stable service.