The only question with the Max Pro M1 users is that the Asus Max Pro M1 Android 10 update is live or now? Unfortunately, the answer is sadly no. One of the excellent budget smartphones from Asus is still running on Android 9 Pie, and users are waiting for the stable Android 10 update.

Recently in social media, some rumors came out relating to Asus Max Pro M1 Android 10 updates. Some screenshots from the support forum made these rumors stronger, and Asus users started checking for the update.

But still, now, there is no official confirmation regarding the update, and Asus is still testing the Android 10 version Internally. It is also to be noted that Asus was testing the new version for more than a year.

The company rolled out the beta updates multiple times as they pulled back the same. Unfortunately, there were several bugs in those updates, and the company got a massive bug report from the users.

Asus Max Pro M1 Android 10 Internal Testing

Due to the massive bug report, Asus made a statement saying the company is doing the internal testing of the Android 10 update for Max Pro M1 and will release it once done.

But the surprising thing is that the company is doing this internal testing for more than one year and still not done with it. At any cost, the internal testing won’t take this much time if they are planning to release the version to its users.

No more Android 10 update for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Claiming internal testing for more than a year is not a good sign, so we believe that Asus will not release the Android 10 update for Max Pro M1.

Google will release Android 12, and most manufacturers are in the final phase of releasing the Android 11 for the remaining handset. On the other side, the Max Pro M1 users are forced to wait for Android 10.

We think Asus dropped the plan to release the rollout and Android 10 for max pro m1 due to the bugs. We are not sure, but if by any chance Asus plans to roll out the Android 10 update, we would go grateful.

Custom Roms for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

Due to the delay in the rollout of the Android update for Asus, users moved to custom ROMs to experience the latest Android updates on the same device. We tried multiple custom Roms for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 and found most of them are even better than the stock ROM.

We will list the best custom ROMs for Max Pro M1, and you can try them by yourself if needed.

Future of Asus Smartphones

No doubt, Max Pro M1 was a great device with excellent build quality and features with great pricing. But unfortunately, the update with Max Pro M1 went failed. Most users prefer to have regular and stable updates, which doesn’t happen for max Pro M1.

Due to this reason, smartphone users might have to think twice before buying a device, and hopefully, Asus might fix this problem with other handsets.

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