Understanding Walmart’s ‘The User Trying to Submit Review is Opted Out’ Error Message

Walmart customers have been reporting issues with submitting product reviews on the company’s website. The error message “The user trying to submit review is opted out” has been frustrating many shoppers who want to share their feedback.

In our article below, we’ll see the details of this problem and provide specifc solutions for customers facing this issue.

Reason & Solution For The user trying to submit review is opted out’ Issue

Unable to submit reviews

Reason: Customers are encountering an error message “The user trying to submit review is opted out” when attempting to post product reviews on Walmart’s website.

Solution: Contact Walmart customer service for assistance and escalate the issue if necessary.

Unresponsive customer service

Reason: Walmart customer service representatives are unable to resolve the issue and claim the customer’s profile is fine.

Solution: Try reaching out to Walmart through different channels such as social media or email for a more effective response.

Removal of product reviews

Reason: Some customers have noticed that product pages on Walmart’s website no longer display any reviews, leading to speculation that Walmart may be intentionally limiting or removing reviews.

Solution: Share feedback with Walmart through their official feedback channels to express the importance of customer reviews and request a resolution.

Industry-wide trend

Reason: There is a rumor that the online retail industry as a whole may be moving towards limiting or removing product reviews, as it can potentially impact sales.

Solution: Stay informed about any updates or changes in online retail review policies and adapt to new platforms or methods for sharing feedback and reviews.

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