How to Cancel Clear Membership

Clear is an adventurous program for those who fly a lot or like to watch sports events right at the stadium. So, a subscription to the service makes the verification process much more accessible, allowing users to get through security faster and easier. However, as practice shows, the program isn’t equally good for everyone.

Clear kiosks are unavailable in some airports and stadiums, and there’s no point in paying for the subscription if you can’t use the program. Or perhaps you’re traveling less now or just willing to save the money for other expenses – anyway, it’s easy to terminate the subscription. You can get full stepwise assistance and expert tips how to cancel Clear membership from Howly. So far, consider some quick guidelines on how to get rid of Clear.

How to Cancel Clear Membership

You can cancel clear membership easily by following few steps. The clear membership can be canceled from the website by following the below steps.

Cancel Clear easily via the website

The Clear cancellation process is effortless, and you can deal with it in a few clicks on the website. The option is also suitable for Android and iPhone owners since all you have to do open any convenient web browser and complete the below steps.

Step 1: Go to and enter your account

Step 2: Access the section with your membership details and hit Cancel

Step 3: You’ll see a warning prompt – confirm your will to terminate Clear

That’s the easiest way to cancel your membership. If you still have some questions or face troubles, browse YouTube for appropriate guidelines, or save your time and reach out to for instant advice. These tech-savvy guys have the power to fix all imaginable problems.

Whether you have Clear cancellation issues or need help with the very YouTube account, be it simple setup or YouTube channel audit – you’ll get prompt, expert solutions.

Remove the Traces – How to Secure your Data When Canceling Clear

Did you know that Clear keeps holding your data even after subscription cancellation? They no longer charge you but don’t remove your information from the database either. And the info they hold is highly personal, including your passport details, social security number, biometrics, and health details. So even though the Clear program is trusted, there’s always the risk of a cyber breach.

Indeed, no current web service is 100% secure against intruders. Therefore, it’s better to protect your privacy in advance. Luckily, removing your valuable information is easy, and there are two ways to do it – via email or phone. Visit for more detailed instructions; certified experts will guide you throughout the process!

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