While writing on paper was so common that one might strike through the written text. There are many cases where a strike through a text is needed. So, while preparing a document digitally, strike-through text is required as per the purpose.

This article will show how to strike through text in Google Docs.

What is Strike Through Text

Strike-Through texts are nothing but just adding a horizontal line over the written text. If you are writing some text on a paper, then to strike through the text, simply draw a horizontal line across the written text. The strike-through text is used for multiple use cases. It can show that a particular text is no longer relevant, is deleted, or is no longer needed. It can also highlight the text as outdated and not needed anymore.

On paper, while writing text, the strike-through text can be done by simply drawing a horizontal line over the text. But if you are preparing a document, it should be formatted per the available options.

Strike Through Text on Google Docs

So, in this article, we are taking Google Docs and will check how to strike through text in Google Docs. To make a strikethrough text in Google Docs, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the Google Docs and the document you wish to edit so that strike-through text can be done on the same.

Step 2: Select the text portion you wish to strike through once the document is loaded. To select the text portion, press the mouse pointer over the text by pressing the left button. Now, the text will be highlighted.

Step 3: Now, click on the Format option from the menu bar.

Step 4: You will see several format options under the Format menu. Now select the Text (First menu item) from the list.

Step 5: You will see several text formatting options under the Text. Click on Strike-through from the list.

Done; now the selected text is in Strike-through format with a horizontal line over it.

How to Strike-through using Keyboard Shortcut

The above process can also be done using keyboard shortcuts. To do so, open the Google Docs and the document like before.

Now select the text using the mouse (like we did before). Once selected, click ALT+SHIFT+5 if you use a Windows machine and CMD+SHIFT+X if you use a Mac device to strike through text.