Few years back when we were introduced to a new type of game on Twitter: green, yellow, and grey tiles arranged in a 5-by-5 grid with up to six rows. The game also includes some numbers that are indiscernible to eyes and a tiny mildly amusing non-word: Wordle.

What more? Wordle is also social; you can share it without revealing the day’s words to your friends or even frenemies. Doesn’t this make this game ideal for an era of digital communication, even over long distances?

It’s no surprise that Wordle became so popular in such a short period. Well, it didn’t stop there, with several alternatives paving the way. You probably already know many spin-off games have been produced owing to the Wordle craze. Sedecordle is another name on that list.

While the regular Wordle game requires the player to guess one 5-letter word every six attempts, the Sedechordle game requires to guess sixteen 5-letter words every twenty-one attempts. And you have to guess a whopping 16 words at the same time!

Sedecordle is becoming increasingly popular these days. And why not? Players can now enjoy fun and challenge thanks to this Wordle game alternative. It is undeniably going viral on the internet these days.

Sedecordle Wordle Game: The Toughest Wordle Alternative

Players are willing to experiment, and Wordle versions and spin-offs have taken over the internet over time. While Heardle, Actorle, and Crosswordle focus on different categories, specific versions of Wordle still adhere to the fundamental principles while being far more complex. For all kinds of reasons, these games provide equal fun and challenge.

And then there’s the Sedecordle wordle game, which tasks players with guessing 16 words at the same time. Again, it is not incorrect to state that it is the most complicated Wordle alternative.

The only significant difference between Wordle games is the number of guesses and words searched. As the game progresses, the number of rows, columns, and words to solve grows. For example, Dordle requires you to solve two words simultaneously. Quordle, four words at once. Octordle is an 8-word puzzle, and Sedecordle needs you to guess 16 words at once!

Why is Sedecordle Getting Popular?

Designed by Kenneth Crawford, this game uses a daily puzzle format similar to Wordle. However, unlike the popular game, the 16-word puzzle allows you to solve multiple daily puzzles using the “free mode.”

Although, both the Daily and Free modes in Sedecordle game have identical gameplay mechanics. You will still have the same term as everyone else because Daily only updates once daily. The free mode might be viewed as a Sedecordle practice option.

Currently, Sedecordle is owned by the New York Times as it continues to draw thousands of players daily.

There’s a reason Sedecordle is rapidly growing in popularity. When we play this game, it activates the dopamine receptors in our brains. Our brain loops that chemical in repeated touch points that make a player more attracted to the game as we play the game.

Furthermore, being congratulated daily for correctly guessing simple, everyday words has a significant psychological impact on people. Typically, the game begins with easy levels of success, rewarding the player with minor dopamine reactions frequently and frequently to hook the player. As a result, players begin to feel very good about their wins and small successes and thus continue to play more regularly.

How to Play Sedecordle Game?

If you’ve ever played the Wordle game, you’ll know that the number of Wordle games is the most interesting, and the number of Sedecordle games is the most powerful people can play the Wordle game. Whereas Wordle challenges you to find a mysterious 5-letter word, Sedecordle challenges you to find 16 mysterious 5-letter words. All these words are hidden in a grid on your smartphone and computer screen. Your guesses in each word will be counted.

It implies that you should use your best estimate for every word, and both the right and wrong letters will be shown. Then, like wordle games, you can use the right and wrong letters to determine your next guess. You have 21 chances to guess each of the 16 words correctly, and words with grayed-out letters cannot be used more than once.

Let’s understand the pedagogy of playing Sedecordle using these steps:

  • If you’ve played Wordle, you may be accustomed to the green, grey, and yellow codes appearing as you type the word. Sedecordle has a similar pattern but includes more letters. Therefore, it takes longer to both make a guess and get the answer.
  • Sedecordle will display 22 bars that you may use to test out different words.
  • The color of the tiles (green, yellow, and grey) will change depending on whether the word you are guessing is part of the letter word in the word box.
  • The correct letter and location are indicated by the green color, whereas the correct letter should be in a different position, indicated by the yellow color.
  • The grey color, however, denotes an incorrect letter. In this case, the letter does not appear in the word.

Don’t worry if the game is challenging at first. If you need some extra help, check out some online Wordle Answer Finder. Just enter the letters to include, letters to exclude, and letters already correctly placed so that the tool generates a Wordle solution. A tool like this can also help with Sedecordle.

Like most of the multiple-word Wordle iterations, each guesses matters for all 16 grids. Therefore, players must be careful not to waste their chances by guessing the first few words. They must also keep an eye out for overlapping letters, which will be plentiful with 16 words to think about, and experiment with different positions to get maximum green tiles.

Wrapping Up

The Sedecordle game is a complicated version of Wordle; in one round, you must predict four words instead of just one. Because there are more guesses in Sedecordle than in Wordle, the puzzle layout is much larger, and the challenge is greater.

So, do you want to take on the challenge? If you like Wordle and want a puzzle game that requires more brain power, sedecordle wordle should be a must-try. All you have to do is go to sedecordle website and start guessing your first word.

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