When it all comes down to sensitivity plays a crucial role in shaping your aim and precision in shooter games. There are different meanings and values of sensitivity and often depend on the type of game you play, the type of branded mouse you are using, and the form of sensitivity you are talking about.

In most explicit terms, sensitivity is the distance you move your mouse over the mouse pad to cover a certain distance in the game. Confused? Do not worry. This article will tell you how you can get a fine-tune sensitivity setting for fps games.

But, before we jump off to the topic, let us take a quick look at the sensitivity types.

True Sensitivity vs. In-Game Sensitivity


Mouse sensitivity or true sensitivity is the characteristic of a mouse and its build type and quality. Mouse sensitivity is measured using DPI or eDPI. DPI stands for dots per inch, while the eDPI stands for effective dots per inch.

DPI is the measurement tool used to define mouse sensitivity, and you need to find your medium mouse or dpi sensitivity that will help you stabilize your game.

Long story short, you will have to move your mouse in real life because of how many pixels your cursor moves for every inch on your screen.

In-Game sensitivity is a unique feature of a video game, which depends from game to game. The in-game sensitivity has a permanent value but also depends on the mouse sensitivity.

In addition, the product of in-game and true sensitivity is the perfect sensitivity that applies to first-person shooters.

You can also play the aim training game on OG aim trainer to get familiar with your mouse sensitivity settings.

Importance of Sensitivity in First-Person Shooter Games


The fps player must find his perfect mouse sensitivity according to his preference. Sensitivity is the most critical factor in an fps game for several reasons.

  • It determines the mouse acceleration you can move your game in an fps game.
  • It affects the accuracy of your aim. High sensitivity or high dpi can maximize mouse movements and move your cursor quickly across the screen, and you can miss your target. While having a low sensitivity or low dpi will slow your mouse movements or mouse cursor movements on your screen, resulting in eloping of your target from the gunpoint.
  • A balanced cursor speed or consistent dpi settings becomes the determining factor for the translation of your in-game movements. For instance, if you have the perfect DPI setting, you might have to move your mouse more, but you will still have accuracy due to slow pointer speed, as lower dpi enhances pointer speed and promote precise movements.
  • Mouse sensitivity in centimeters per 360 degrees governs the distance you will need to move your mouse to get rotational movements in one game.

Get Your Perfect Mouse Sensitivity for FPS Games


No matter which type of mice you prefer, whether wired mice, gaming mice, lighter mice, or wireless mice, the best sensitivity will be the one that lets you take a flick of 180 degrees and track and shoot your opponents with natural control or ease.

You need to make several trials and errors to get your favorable sensitivity settings. I recommend you not make major sensitivity changes within a short period, as it can affect your muscle memory. Instead, make changes gradually, taking enough time.

Here is how you can find your favorable mouse settings –

Perfect Sensitivity Approximation


Here, you will need to find the best sensitivity levels to complete 360-degree rotation with a mouse movement from one end of the mouse pad to the other. Also, you need to test sensitivity levels on the higher and lower sides of starting sens to find the medium or average sensitivity.

If you are a newbie to fps games, you can use this method to get your best settings.

Pro Sensitivities


Pro gamers know better about mouse sensitivities as they practice a lot. And as a matter of fact, you cannot copy one’s mouse dpi settings. They would undoubtedly have more mouse speed, high dpi settings, or lower sensitivity that can affect your muscle memory.

You need to research and see if you can carry out all the in-game movements perfectly. For instance, if you can track quickly, but it gets challenging to take a turn, you need to have a higher dpi. And if you feel difficulty in tracking, lower the dpi.

This is how you find your best sensitivity, and once you find it, use the same sensitivity in other games.

Tweak Sensitivities According to Your Personal Preference


In this step, you can tweak the mouse dpi according to your choice and start practicing with that. Then, players must adjust the mouse settings while playing the actual game until they find the best mouse dpi.

You do not always need a particular value of mouse dpi to start practicing. You can do it the other way around. Start at a random eDPI and get used to playing at that mouse settings.

Tips To Determine the Best Sensitivity

Some people do not support altering the mouse sensitivity, as they believe it can hamper your muscle memory.

But, it is a fact that when you find your best sensitivity for fps games, you will see significant changes in your gameplay and better accuracy and precision. Here are some tips for you –

  • You need to consider mouse dpi and in-game sensitivity. You can get a combination of the mouse dpi by using a windows mouse software window. In addition, any online calculator can help you find your in-game sensitivity.
  • Never be afraid of trying different mouse sensitivities until your find your best mouse setting.


Now that you have read this blog here, I hope you get to find your favorable mouse setting. You know the best dpi setting ranges from 400 to 800. So keep practicing, and soon enough, you will be right at the peak of your game!

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