Let’s take a short trip back to the childhood memories, especially those that remind an individual of school life, with getting newspapers every day to read and improve English vocabulary. But, there’s an exciting thing that the newspapers have that even keeps us busy to date.

Are you having a tough time and are scratching your head while trying to remember it?


Focus and reach the entertainment page of the newspaper with a small crossword puzzle, usually on the mid-left corner. Major nostalgia, isn’t it?

As kids, everyone would wonder about having their newspaper crossword puzzle maker and knowing all the answers for winning beforehand!

Crossword puzzles not only give you a hard time brainstorming the answers but also leave you in splits by promising a fun and enlightening time.

Five Tools to Create Crossword Puzzles

So, here’s something for you that you have wanted for more than ever. To drop a tinge of your childhood memories in your busy life, here are five tools that will help you create a crossword puzzle.

1. Bonza Word Puzzle

The art to create your own crossword puzzle is now possible with Bonza Word Puzzle. Who doesn’t like features to use, and this tool hits right by providing you with an opportunity to use a wide variety of free puzzles?

If you begin liking them all the more, you can purchase an array of the same. There’s a native format of this tool, and you can design your puzzles that way.

This tool helps you tickle your brain by providing you with a series of words and clues to choose from. To maintain a gist of interest, play well along with different sound effects and indulge your kids, too!

And if you love the result and can’t wait to share your puzzle curation, the Bonza community awaits your presence.


  • You can opt for making the quiz plus crossword with the help of this tool.
  • There is an excellent collection of words to choose from.
  • You can add sound effects to your game.
  • You can opt for a vibrant feature of community synchronization.


  • You will have to opt for a subpar quality of the puzzles if you wish to download them.

2. Crossword Puzzlemaker

If you are an Apple product user and are looking to download this on your iPhone or iPad, use this tool. You need not worry as this tool does not take you through a complex process of processing the puzzle creation. All you need to do while using this tool is enter the answers, clues, and titles. You can mix and match the ideal positions, sizes of the letters, transition types, opacity, and much more.

This tool helps you do your own crossword by assisting you in highlighting the prompts and titles. Also, there might be chances that you wish to modify. Later on, you can use the history of this tool. There is a glass function, so no matter if you have an eye problem, you can use this tool and use the background images and easily adjustable. Hence, you have all the right to use this tool to your benefit.


  • There are beautiful fonts and gradients that you can use while designing the games.
  • You can use the magnifying glass function
  • You can save the history of the generated crosswords through this tool
  • This tool supports the vector graphics


  • It will surprise you to know that the functions begin witnessing an abrupt stoppage
  • If you are thinking of curating and downloading the puzzles, this tool is not for you.

3. EclipseCrossword

EclipseCrossword is another perfect tool that acts as a great newspaper crossword puzzler marker. It is the best for anyone who wishes to make puzzles on Windows 10. It is a free tool that has a super easy and friendly user interface. If computer and technology are not your things, but you want to give your goal of curating a puzzle yourself, give this tool a try.

With all the words and clues on your way, you need not force your head to think out of the box to build exciting and engaging crossword puzzles. Customizations are possible as you can decide the size of your puzzle. Also, for future reference, you can print or save them as a part of the other downloads on your PC or laptop.


  • This tool enables you to save the word lists while creating the game.
  • You have the option to print your game creation
  • You also have the chance of saving the projects in the form of web pages
  • There is a simple interface for you to follow while creating your puzzles.


  • If you have a PC or laptop that runs on an older Windows version, this might not be the tool for you
  • There is no option for you to edit the crossword setting manually. Everything is set by default.

4. Crossword Compiler 10

If you find the default forms boring while creating and compiling your puzzle and are looking for something different, Crossword Compiler 10 is here to your rescue. You can choose the type of crossword you wish for based on the list of words available. In addition, you can create your while combining the word search with games and puzzles.

This tool is home to the new puzzle feature that helps you by allowing you to choose the puzzle that you wish to complete. So, if you have a thing for your childhood memory of solving the newspaper puzzle, get ready to get nostalgic by doing puzzles with the help of this tool.


  • You can create your own crossword puzzle in the newspaper style and selective words with the help of this tool
  • There is a powerful grid filling mechanism that is going to do wonders for your puzzles
  • If an ordinary puzzle is too mainstream for you, you can make it in different forms with the help of this tool.


  • The learning curve for the tool is steep and hence, might not be suitable for all
  • If you wish to do your own crossword with the full version, it might be expensive and cross your budget.

5. Crossword Weaver

The last pick on the list of tools to create a crossword puzzle is the Crossword Weaver. Enter all the words and clues, and you can even upload a word list in the tool. Choose the grid size and watch this tool function at its best to provide you with excellent results.

This newspaper crossword puzzle maker enables you to go for page modifications, and you can sprinkle a creative touch to the font styles of this tool for your puzzle. You can dig deep into the static details and download this on your PC or laptop while having an idea about the words in the puzzle.

  • There is a symmetry mode that maintains a proper flow of the process of creation
  • You have the option of opting for single page configuration
  • Printing optimizations are available
  • You can download the puzzles through this tool.


  • If you wish to create your own crossword puzzle with the help of undying and positive customer support, this tool might turn you down
  • Some of the excellent functions of this tool are available at expensive rates


Your childhood dream of knowing all the crossword puzzle answers is now possible. All you need to do this make your own crossword and distribute the same with your friends and family for the ultimate crossword challenge.