Of late, it is very easy to get the best headsets in all sizes, budgets, and shapes. You can easily pick any amount of money to purchase a nice pair of headsets without any hassle. If you are not having enough budgets for buying the expensive headsets, then you really need to compromise for sure. However, there are some impressive and great headsets available under Rs 1000 also which you should buy it right now for your needs. Let’s go through the best 3 headsets available in the market under Rs 1000.

1More Piston Fit

1More is one of the newest and famous headsets brands which have made a great impact by its great styling and features. 1More is available under Rs 1000 with great quality, sound performance, comfort, and unique design. The audio quality is enjoyable and warm for volume up to 80 percent, which is mostly loud for the listeners. It is very less expensive than the other best performer available in the market. It includes an in-line microphone so that it would be easier for you to take calls at any time. It also features a play/pause button which you can also use for skipping music tracks by pressing the long-press action.

Sony MDR-EX150

If you are in love with the Sony brand and its great reliable products, then you should buy Sony MD4-EX150 without any second thought. It provides a great bass response, along with good audio clarity and warm audio to the listeners. It also comes under the best and trustworthy best-built headsets under 1000. They also have better performance of bass. The build quality is strong and you would not feel disappointed by using it for sure. I have personally used Sony MDR-EX150AP and love the strong build quality of it. The gold plated 3.5 mm jack, sturdy wires and ear-tips metal casing feel really impressive and better.

Skull Candy Inkd

The Skull Candy Inkd headsets feature a unique look and best sound quality. Nowadays, many people prefer headsets only from Skull Candy Inkd due to its supreme music audio quality and lightweight design. The build quality of the headset is really good, and the headphone fit is snug. You would surely love and appreciate the music quality of Skull Candy Inkd headsets. You would get enough bass by using it; however, if you want higher bass, then you should look for another one. If you are planning to buy a headset that not only gives smooth audio quality but also builds stronger, then the Skull Candy Inkd headset would be better for you. It is not much expensive and easily available at just Rs 700-900.


Finally, you are aware of the 3 best headsets which are available only under Rs 1000 for you. Some offer good audio balance, good bass, while some offer provides loud audio and also deliver neutral. You can choose any one of them by considering your overall needs and wants.

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