Nowadays, smartwatches are in trend and many people prefer these watches due to their best features and attractive design. With the transformation in technology, you can easily control the features of your smartphones through your smartwatches. From maintaining the health record to setting alarm can be done easily with the help of a smartwatch. By using smartwatches, you can also perform a ton of novel ticks, which includes tracking exercise over GPS, browsing the internet with your voice and help in checking out at the grocery store without taking out your wallet. It would be better for you to understand that choosing the right smartwatch is not an easy task, especially with several options out there.

Are you bored with your old normal dialed watch and planning to purchase a smartwatch right now? If yes is your answer, then here are some of the best smartwatches which should be added to the wish list. Here we are adding only 5 smart watches, there are some other premium watches like Tag Heuer smart watch also you can consider.

Apple Watch Series 4

If you love using Apple products, then you would be glad by knowing that Apple is back with the Apple Watch Series 4 which is a famous and reliable smartwatch you can purchase right now. It is the first time Apple has also updated the smartwatch line design and it looks now better than ever. You should understand that you would get a bigger screen which is clear and brighter and also the choice of 44mm or 40mm dial sizes. The speaker on this smartwatch is much louder than before and the design feels premium and still lightweight.

If you are a heart patient, then there is an ECG feature within the heart rate tracker in this smartwatch. It can help you in testing your heart to check if you are at risk of atrial fibrillation which can alert you earlier if your health is in a fatal condition. This tech is only available in the USA for now and would be available very soon in other countries. You would have access to the latest watchOS 5 apps and also there are tons of fitness features which you are surely going to love for sure.

TicWatch Pro

The TicWatch Pro smartwatch is also one of the best smartwatches available in the market for you. You can use it with either an Android phone or an iPhone easily without any problem. It is really a top-end watch with top quality features and unique dual-screen feature for its users.

You need to understand there would be two displays on this watch. There is a transparent LCD display on the top which can help you in displaying the heart rate, the time and more whenever your battery is getting low. In the low power mode, it would last for more than 30 days which is really good news for the smartwatch lovers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you have a Galaxy phone or a Note, then Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is really a great option for you. The smartwatch build is perfect with Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ and also IP68 waterproof. The display is also perfect with Circular Super AMOLED tech and with a resolution up to 360 x 360. For the larger mode, the battery capacity is 472 mAh which powers the Exynos 9110 Dual core processor.
There would be an option to choose from Midnight Black, silver or Rose Gold color. You should understand that the applications on the watch are limited than watchOS 4 – two main smartwatch OS – but it still provides the core basics. This smartwatch is really better for your fitness as well as sporting a better design and great functionality too. It has a good battery life which can last for 4 days even if you are using it extensively.

Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E is one of the best Android wear watches you can purchase right now. It would be better for you to understand it is a new and small brand to the smartwatch world. It is not much expensive and available at a reasonable price to the users. It has a built-in GPS, great design and accurate heart rate sensor. The best thing about this smartwatch is that you can easily go for a number of days without charging your watch. The several preloaded designs would help you in customizing the appearance and look of the smartwatch.

You would have access to all the fitness features available in this smartwatch. You can also use it without taking out your phone while doing exercise, but you are not able to receive phone calls like on the Apple smartwatch 3. It has a premium design which looks attractive and unique from other watches.

Skagen Falster

If you want your smartwatch to look like a stylish piece of jewelry than a small size computer on your wrist, then you should go for the Skagen Falster smartwatch. It includes all the OS features such as email, calls, calendar, e-mail and also a button on the side to handle apps, power and activating the Google Assistant. The battery life is pretty impressive too and lasting up to four days with normal use without any issues.

You should note that there is no heart rate monitor or GPS built into the smartwatch. It is good for use only for the basic exercise and tracking of your workout routine, but it is still a perfect activity tracker. This watch would suit you if you are looking for a stylish watch with basic notification and fitness features.

Finally, you are aware of the best 5 smartwatches which you can purchase for yourself. These smartwatches do offer a certain convenience level and really a small break from your smartphone for sure. You need to understand that with a smartwatch, you do not have to be a slave to your smartphone, but purchasing one mainly depends on your needs. Make sure you are checking out all the features and comparing it with another smartwatch before proceeding further. It would help in making the right buying decision for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a smartwatch right now itself!

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