Zuckerburg’s Facebook has not only provided us with a platform to connect with people all around the globe but has revamped the meaning of technology and innovation for its users. Be it the digitization that helps in operating the application or Facebook taking over our other favorite apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, and it has a long way to go.

Also, the launch of the lite Facebook app is helping the people of the developing economies access the internet with better connectivity and promoting data usage.

About the Facebook Lite (FB Lite)

So, for those of you who don’t know, the Facebook lite application is like an android application. This application is best for anyone who faces low-speed connectivity issues. And the installation of the application is possible on mobile phones with low features. This application is now available for download all across the globe, inclusive of the US.

The Facebook application’s younger sibling has gained significant inspiration from the Facebook application.

In 2015, the launch of this application rendered its benefits to the people belonging to the emerging and developing countries worldwide. The main aim is to provide them with proper and constant data usage and the availability of the internet. As a result, more than 100 million users access the FB Lite application.

Difference between FB Lite and Facebook Application

If you have been confused about the Facebook application and FB lite, here are the differences. This will help you draw a comparison and pick a better alternate.

Size and supportability

While downloading the Facebook lite app, you’ll feel fascinated after realizing that it covers minimal space in your phone. Let’s take the example of the Motorola Moto E4, for instance. The main Facebook application will almost cover the space of 57MB. However, the lite Facebook app will occupy only 1.59MB.

That is approximately 96.5% less. Also, the design of the lite application is such that they make less use of the RAM and CPU power. So, a smoother experience of accessing the Facebook world is possible to a larger extent with the lite application.

If you have a cheaper mobile phone with fewer features, the Facebook lit application will give you an excellent experience. However, sometimes, the regular Facebook application support is not available for the old phones. This is where Facebook lite catches better limelight.

Connectivity requirement

After downloading the Facebook lite application, you’ll realize that there is no need for you to use system resources in a huge quantum. The application’s design is such that it can work well on slow and unstable internet connections. 2G networks are equally suitable for using the Facebook lite app. Also, if you are a resident of a rural area or a place that has reckless connections, it’s good for you to go for the lite application.

If you have a metered plan, this is an ideal pick for downloading the pictures and autoplay the videos on the homepage. If you are up for downloading the lite application, you can visit the app store or the google play store for your iOS and Android devices. The process of downloading is straightforward. First, you need to search for the application by its name and choose the install button.


This is one of the most common points that draw a difference between the legacy Facebook application and the late Facebook app. The lite application has stripped down the interface. The elements like status updating, story posting, searching, and much more are a bigger and blockier version of the normal Facebook application. This might give you an outdated look while accessing your Facebook account.

Also, if you have a smartphone that has relatively smaller screens, these element boxes might pop out abnormally and give you a hard time accessing the whole thing. As far as the screenshot feature comes into the picture, it is available on the left-hand side of the lite application. For the normal app, it is present on the right side.

Disadvantages of using the Facebook Lite Application

On a larger scale, we can settle to the point that the lite Facebook app and the regular Facebook app are sister concerns of each other. Most of the lite application features are quite similar to that of a normal Facebook application.

You can indulge in healthy stalking of famous profiles, read about the gossip and blogs, post your thoughts on your Facebook status, go through your timeline, share your memories with the world through a story, form friendships and business connections, and much more.

But, the major point of concern is that once you are up for downloading the Facebook lite application with your up-to-date smartphone, you will miss the regular and standard application.

The viewing screen of the lite application is not very impressive. The bolder and blockier version is likely to take your interest from the Facebook application. You may tend to miss the regular application’s view for sure.

If you are considering downloading the Facebook Lite app for individual actions, you may feel disappointed. If you are a big fan of smartphones and are always looking for more apart from the minimal and basic working, the FB Lite app is not for you. You will miss and opt for the legacy Facebook application on an immediate basis.

Final word

So, before following the trend and choosing any FB lite app or the regular ones, you should know the kind of experience you seek from the application. If you are okay with basic working and never ask for more, lite is a good pick for you.

However, if you are pretty specific about the viewing screen experience, it’s better to safeguard it by choosing the regular application. Trust me, and you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction and a relatively better experience.

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