How to Boost Customer Engagement for Free

More and more businesses today are shifting their attention towards customer support as one of the vital components for business success. So, to no surprise, creating easy and accessible channels for customers to get instant help is a priority – emails and phone calls don’t always fit the bill.

That’s why more and more companies are focusing on adding various social media channels to help their clients get in touch faster. Yet another bulletproof way to boost engagement and acquisition is live Chat. A simple bubble in the corner of the website can do magic for your KPIs and customer experience!

Why 3CX Live Chat?

As more and more customers are looking for an easy and convenient way to reach out to businesses, live chat plugins are nothing short of a perfect solution. But let’s be honest. Just because there is a live chat, it doesn’t mean your customer experience will skyrocket through the roof.

Unfortunately, many businesses opt for solutions that provide chatbots that often fail to provide needed information in response to customer requests and sparking extra frustration instead of earning points for their customer support team.

This is where 3CX Live Chat does things differently. It doesn’t promote automated chat handling but allows human agents to address customer concerns. Plus, thanks to the WebRTC technology, 3CX will enable agents to hop directly on a call from the same live chat window to deal with more complex issues. And it doesn’t stop there:

  • A seamlessly integrated solution that includes the option to move from a chat to a call or even video call
  • Access from anywhere and anytime thanks to remote work features and apps
  • Freedom to assign to particular agents or groups of agents to give your clients the best possible experience
  • Easy Facebook, WhatsApp, business SMS, and Microsoft Teams integrations
  • Synchronization of all customer data and communication records thanks to available CRM integrations

An easy solution

Improving customer engagement on your website may sound like you need a web developer wizard or a huge budget to throw at the task. But we have a solution for you, and the best part is that it is free, easy to set up, and has no catch.

There is no coding required, neither for the setup nor for customization. So you can get started even if you have no prior experience and would not call yourself tech-savvy.

Did someone say FREE?

The only free cheese is in the mousetrap? Well, this is where you are wrong. Thanks to 3CX StartUP, you can set up live Chat in just minutes- without spending a penny. Moreover, the tool helps clients easily reach out to agents directly, scrapping the need to exchange contact details or wait in long call queues.

More than just a chat bubble

And that’s not all! By being integrated with the fully-featured PBX system, 3CX doesn’t limit your contact center to chats. In just a click, you can convert a chat into a voice or video call to better assist your clients with more complex issues. Double up customer satisfaction without making them wait for the next available agent and having to repeat their problem.

Thanks to the 3CX Talk links, every agent is available via a dedicated link without the need for additional apps or exchanging additional contact information. What’s even better – this option is entirely free! Moreover, the call takes place over the internet without needing a dedicated SIP trunk or additional costs.

Set up 3CX Live Chat in 2 minutes


Want a set and ready-to-go solution? Then you are looking in the right place. 3CX Live Chat requires zero coding experience. For WordPress users, you can simply:

  • Copy a unique URL generated during your registration to 3CX StartUP
  • Download and install the 3CX Live Chat WordPress plugin
  • Insert the URL in the relevant field

Just like that, you are set to go in just a few minutes!

Make 3CX Live Chat truly yours


Simple doesn’t mean generic. Personalize your customer experience with features like:

  • Adjust live chat colors to fit the branding of your website
  • Choose the ‘friendly name’ of your agent
  • Choose or create a message template to make it easier for agents to attend to clients
  • Choose the design of the live chat bubble

All these settings and features are readily available through your all-in-one communications hub – 3CX Web Client. Simply make your selection, click ‘Save,’ and you can see the updated look directly from your website.

Upgrade today!

Why not give it a shot yourself? Try out 3CX StartUP today to incorporate an all-in-one communication solution that enables messages, calls, video calls, and 3CX Live Chat for free! In a matter of minutes, double up your customer satisfaction and eliminate the headache of disintegrated multi-channel communication for good. Just register for 3CX StartUP and start your new customer journey today!

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