How to Contact Apple Customer Support For Help

If you are using an Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone, Mac, iPad, iPod, or even an Apple watch, you may sometimes need to contact the apple support team for any help or clarifications.

Here we are checking the different ways to contact apple’s customer support team for any help. Apple is providing its users with multiple options to reach them for any support, which includes.

  • Apple Support over Phone
  • Contact Apple Support via Chat
  • Apple Online support via Twitter
  • Local Apple support from Retail Shops
  • Apple Support via Official Support App

Contact Apple Support over Phone

You can call apple support directly on the toll-free number. If you are trying to reach the apple phone support team from the United States, you can call them on the toll-free number 1-800-275-2273.

You can inform them about the issue over the phone, and they will assist you in solving the problem.

You need to do one thing before reaching apple support by any means to have the device serial number handy with you. The executive will ask you for the serial number of the device for verification and speed up the process.

Contact Apple Support via Chat

To reach the support over chat, go to the Apple official support page, select the device you wish to get the support for, and then click on the ‘Chat’ option.

As said above, you need to enter the device serial number or your Apple id to initiate the chat. Then, once the chat window popups, you can type in your issue, and the advisor will help you solve the problem.

Apple Online support via Twitter

As Twitter is one largely used social media platform, Apple also provides support over their Twitter handle. Please send a private message on their Twitter account, and the support team will assist you in solving the issue.

Apple Support using Support App

Visit the Apple retail store page on the website and find the nearest store to you. You can also see the working hours and the exact location on the retail store page. Then, you can take the device directly to the store to get it repaired.

Apple Support via Official Support App

Apple also offers an all-in-one support application. First, you can download the app from the app store. Then, you can reach the support team via phone, chat and help you find the retail store using the application.

So all the apple support is integrated within the same mobile application.

How to Find the Serial Number of Apple device?

To find the serial number of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod, go to Settings and click on the General option. Then, under general, go to About, and you can find the Serial number there.

On the Mac machine, click on the Apple icon on the top left corner and select the About This Mac option. On the following popup, you can find the serial number.

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