Latest BSNL Broadband Plans in Kerala Circle

BSNL Broadband Plans offered for the purpose of work from home are now got attraction. The work from the home method is going on all over the country, and especially for IT professionals, the broadband connection is now necessary. All the telecom companies like Jio, Airtel, BSNL now introduced work from home plans.

But for a reliable connection for work and other professional activities, a broadband connection is needed. Here we are listing the BSNL Broadband Plans (BSNL BB Plans) Kerala circle is offering to its customers.

BSNL is now offering a bunch of excellent broadband packs using its latest Fiber Optic Network called BSNL FTTH Plans. The most highlighted feature of BSNL Broadband Connection is that it provides 24 hours free calling to any network with all the plans.

List of BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala Circle Offers under BSNL FTTH Connection

BSNL Fiber Plan (BSNL FTTH) Speed & Usage Price (Monthly Rent)
Superstar 300GB/Month 50Mbps till 300GB, after 2Mbps 749
500GB CUL CS353 50Mbps till 500GB, beyond 2Mbps 777
600GB CUL 50Mbps till 600GB, then 2 Mbps 849
Bharat Fiber Superstar 500 50Mbps till 500GB, beyond 2 Mbps 949
750GB Plan 100Mbps till 750GB, then 2 Mbps 1277
33GB Plan 100Mbps till 35GB/Day, after 4Mbps 1999
35GB CUL 24Mbps till 35GB/Day, after 4Mbps 2349
40GB Plan 100Mbps till 40GB/Day, after 2 Mbps 2499
55GB CUL 100Mbps till 55GB/Day, after 4Mbps 4499
80GB Plan 100Mbps till 80GB, beyond 6 Mbps 5999
120GB Plan 100Mbps till 120GB/Day, after 8Mbps 9999
170GB Plan 100Mbps till 170GB/Day, after 10Mbps 16999

List of BSNL Broadband Plans Kerala Circle Offers under BSNL DSL Connection

BSNL DSL Plan Speed & Usage Price (Monthly Rent)
4GB CUL 10Mbps till 4GB/Day, after 2 Mbps 599
5GB CUL 10Mbps till 5GB/Day, after 2Mbps 699
BBG Combo ULD 875 CS244 20Mbps till 800GB, beyond 2Mbps 875
12GB CUL 10Mbps till 12GB/Day, after 2Mbps 899
BB Home Combo ULD 900 10Mbps till 15GB/Day, after 2Mbps 900
15GB Plan 10Mbps til 15GB/Day, after 2Mbps 999
BBG Combo ULD 1091 CS169 10Mbps till 120GB, beyond 2 Mbps 1091
10GB CUL FAMILY 10Mbps till 10GB/Day, after 2Mbps 1199
22GB CUL 10 Mbps till 22GB/Day, after 2 Mbps 1299
25GB CUL 10Mbps till 25GB/Day, after 4Mbps 1599
30GB CUL 16 Mbps till 30GB, then 4Mbps 1849
Combo Unlimited 6930 Plan 4Mbps till 200GB/Day, after 2 Mbps 6930

On another note, DEN is also offering some excellent broadband plans in Kerala with a truly unlimited plan at speed of 25Mbps at Rs. 595 per month. You can also check their full plan list here.

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