Den Broadband Plan With Rs. 595 Unlimited Pack in Select Circle

Den Broadband Plan list was modified with a new 25mbps unlimited plan for the customers in Kerala. The new plan is named as Den Unlimited Plan 500. The base price of the plan is Rs. 500 and including GST, customers need to pay Rs. 595 per month. If you are looking for the full plans and price list of the latest DEN Broadband Plans, check it here.

The new unlimited plan is currently available in the selected cities in Kerala and we advise users to check with local den broadband providers to know the availability of the plan in each region. The new plan is introduced as a higher plan for the popular Rs. 566 Plan which offers 10Mbps speed up to 90 GB each month.

Rs. 595 Unlimited DEN Broadband Plan at 25mbps speed

The new Den Unlimited Plan 595 comes with truly unlimited data usage with a speed of 25mbps along with other existing unlimited and FUP Plans. The plan will be available for 30 days. There will not be any FUP applied for this plan and hence users can enjoy 25mbps speed from the first day till the end of the month. The plan base price is Rs. 500 and including GST, customers need to pay Rs. 595.

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As mentioned above, the new unlimited plan is introduced along with all other existing unlimited and FUP Plans. You can check all the unlimited and FUP plans here. The popular plan of Rs. 566 still exists and if you are ready to pay Rs. 29 additional, it worth switching to Rs. 595 plan.

Rs. 566 DEN Broadband Plan with 10Mbps Speed with 90GB FUP

The popular plan which most customers now using is Rs. 566 plan in which users can enjoy broadband at a speed of 10mbps for the one month period. In this plan, there is a FUP applied in which users can enjoy 90GB data at 10mbps speed after which the speed will be reduced to 2mbps.

With the introduction of the new unlimited plan, the Rs. 566 plan will not be the best option now. If you can pay Rs. 29 additional, then the new plan can offer 25mbps speed and truly unlimited usage for the whole month.

Note: As we mentioned above, the plan is now introduced in the selected areas in Kerala, and if anyone wishes to choose the new plan needs to check with the local den broadband provider about the availability of the Rs. 595 unlimited plan in the area.

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