Are you trying to replace or upgrade the existing WiFi Router for your Den Broadband Connection, and it is not working? No Worries, we will check how to solve the problem, and thereby you can connect the new WiFi Router for the Den Broadband.

Suppose you are using any compatible WiFi Router. In that case, you can connect the device to your broadband connection, whether it is the basic model like Tenda N301 or a much more advanced Router like TP-Link Archer A7. But you may notice that once you try to configure the new router with your PPoE credentials, the registration gets failed, and the device won’t connect.

The issue is due to the MAC Address binding with the ISP. In most cases, ISPs like DEN are using a MAC Binding feature for their connections. In this case, once you successfully connect to the internet using any WiFi Router or PC, the Mac ID of those devices is registered with DEN, and it will be mapped to your connection.

In that case, the connection will be established only if the request is received from the device with that particular MAC ID. So, once you replace or upgrade your existing WiFi Router, the connection request will be sent from a device with a different MAC ID. So the internet will not be connected even though you entered the correct username and password.

How to Fix the MAC ID Binding Issue in DEN Broadband

This issue is not a complicated one, and it is happening all the time. It can be done by releasing the currently mapped or binned MAC Address. There are two ways to do the same.

You can call the ISP/LCO (Local Cable Operator) and ask them to release the MAC Address. They will reset it for you, and you can connect the new device for your connection.

If you are using the Selfcare Portal of DEN Broadband, you can release the Mac ID yourself. You can find the MAC Address shown in the dashboard. There will be a small ‘-‘ icon on the side. Click on the icon to release the ID. Once done, you can connect using the new WiFi Router.

Once connected successfully using the new router, you cannot use the old router again directly. Instead, you need to rerelease the MAC ID to use the old router or any new routers.

Note: DEN has put some limits on releasing the MAC Address. So don’t reset the MAC ID too frequently from the Selfcare portal. Once the limit exceeds, you cannot do it further. In that case, you can rest only by calling the LCO.