XTRANET Broadband Plans 2024

Although the name Xtranet might be new, it is the merged and rebranded broadband company of KFON, DWAN, and Stampede. The three main broadband providers have now merged to form a new company that offers attractive plans for its customers.

XTRANET Broadband Plans

Following are the latest broadband plans from XTRANET Kerala.

Plan Name Base Price Total (incl. GST) Benefits
XTRA_0123_40MbUL 399/- 470/- 40Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_2023_50MbUL 468/- 553/- 50Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_0123_60Mbps_UL 500/- 590/- 60Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_0123_100MbUL 509/- 600/- 100Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_0123_125MbUL 636/- 750/- 125Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_0123_150MbUL 723/- 850/- 150Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_0123_200MbUL 847/- 1000/- 200Mbps unlimited internet
XTRA_PLATINUM_300Mb_1.5TB 1017/- 1200/- 300Mbps plan with 1.5TB data cap
XTRANET_300Mb_5TB 1272/- 1500/- 300Mbps plan with 5TB data cap

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  1. Your operators never give proper end period and customer useful informations to the individual customers which is not good .The day end they will call in night and ask for recharge ,need proper information and customer service in place .Georgrekutty

    • They might not have a proper customer service team. Anyway, we are providing only useful information and are not associated with the service in any way. Thank you.


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