How to Block Unwanted Calls Using Truecaller Mobile App

Spam calls and telemarketing calls are nowadays getting more, and it may cause disturbance to people in most cases. Most of the spam filter application was now available in the Play Store and App store have spam detecting features within which automatically blocks spam calls and messages.

Nowadays, fraud calls are getting more, and many people are receiving calls from different countries. The calls are frequently coming for some users and mostly happens during the night. Some are just normal spam calls, whereas some calls are more problematic. For example, years back, a series of mobile numbers in India received calls from one particular country, and each user received multiple calls from different numbers.

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TrueCaller App to Block Unwantend Calls

Those who called back to those numbers lost their Talktime balance from their account, and later after investigation, it is found that the number from which people received the calls are premium numbers. The person/fraud group involved in the scam is using some premium numbers for the activity.

For all the calls back to those numbers, the mobile user in India is charged a high amount per minute. Since the number was premium, the hacker gets a commission for each call received on those numbers from the mobile company.

People tried to block the numbers, but the hacker used different numbers and also some new series of numbers; hence the spam detecting applications such as True Caller, etc. didn’t detect them as spam call initially.

Here we are checking how we can block a number or a series of numbers or even calls from a particular country completely using the Truecaller mobile application. These steps will help to block unknown numbers too.

Step 1: Open the Truecaller application and click on the menu at the top left.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Setting’ option.

Truecaller call block 1

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Step 3: From the settings list, click on the ‘Block’

Truecaller call block 1

Step 4: In the Block option, click on the ‘My block list.’

Truecaller call block 1

Step 5: You can find all the previously blocked number lists here. If you are doing it for the first time, the list will be empty. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom.

Truecaller call block 1

Step 6: You will find 4 options there

Truecaller call block 1

  1. Block a country code: Here, you can block all the calls from a particular country. Select the country name from the options and click on BLOCK.
  2. Block a message sender name: Here, you can block a message sender name. Provide the name of the person and click BLOCK.
  3. Block a number series: Here, you can choose a series of numbers. Three options are available.
    • Block either number starting with particular set of numbers.
    • Block number that contains some set of numbers at any part.
    • Block numbers that ends with a set of numbers.
  4. Block a number: Here, you can block a particular number. Choose the country code, then enter the number and provide a name for that (not required) and click on BLOCK.

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After blocking the numbers, you may not receive a call notification on your mobile once the call from the blocked list of numbers comes. All those calls will be automatically rejected (if you set the default to reject option). Alternatively, you can set the reject option to ‘Ring Silent’ from the ‘Block’ page. But we don’t recommend that option. It is better to keep the default ‘Reject Automatically’ option.

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