Google Calculator As Your iPad Calculator App

One of the greatest disappointments for iPad users from the beginning is the lack of a calculator app on iPad. Apple used to provide all the essential apple apps on all the apple devices like iPhones, iPad, Macs, etc. The apps include Phone app, iMessage, Notes, Reminders, etc. But unfortunately, Apple skipped the calculator app on iPad.

It won’t be due to any issue, but still, apple is not bringing the official calculator app on iPad. With the release of iPad OS 16, everyone was expecting the iPad calculator app, but nothing happened. So now the latest iPad OS 16.3.1 is out, and the Apple calculator on iPad is still a mystery. So for the official iPad calculator app, we can expect it again until iPad OS 17.

However, the good news is that plenty of third-party apps are available in the App store. Some look similar to the iPhone calculator app with the same apple design. But in this article, we are looking for something different. It is a web-based google calculator app that works seamlessly on iPad and any other device. This calculator google introduced for chrome is a progressive web app that follows the Google material design.

The web-based Google calculator app for chromeOS works perfectly on any browser, including safari, chrome, firefox, etc. On iPad, you can open the URL and do the calculation. Unlike the third-party application available in the App Store, the Chrome OS google calculator is simple and minimal. The app opens instantly, and you can calculate like on the iPhone and other apple devices.

Another great thing about the app is that it can be used without an internet connection. Once you open the app for the first time, the progressive web app will cache the data within your browser, and you can use the google calculator app with or without an internet connection later.

To make the google calculator app like a native app, open the calculator app on safari or chrome browser, then tap on the share, and then tap on Add to Home Screen; the google calculator app will be added to your home screen. Then, you can visit and use the calculator by tapping on the app icon from the home screen.

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