If you are deep into the Apple ecosystem, you might know how smoothly multiple Apple products are integrated. Continuing multiple Apple devices is convenient for workflow and thus increases productivity. But one issue some Apple users face is that iPad and iPhone messages are not syncing with the iMessage App.

The iCloud integration on Apple devices is done in an optimized format to work seamlessly on all Apple products. Some simple functions like cross-device clipboards are such an example. For example, if you copy an item on your Apple devices, all the other devices connected to the same apple id can get the copied content intently.

For example, copying text on your iPhone can instantly paste it onto a Mac or iPad. Similarly, almost all the functionalities on Apple devices are integrated in a polished way.

iMessage Not Syncing on iPad

For most iPad users, one of the main issues is iPad messages not syncing when comparing the iPhone. In this artcile, we will check the iMessage Not Syncing on iPad issue. As a part of the cross-device syncing, all the messages you see on your iPhone’s iMessage app will automatically be available on your Mac and iPad. However, the iMessage syncing might sometimes not work on the iPad, especially while configuring a new iPad.

So, let’s check the causes of the iPad trouble and see the steps to enable the iMessage sync on the iPad issue.

First, make sure you use the same apple id on your iPhone and the iPad or any Apple device you are looking for.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and click on the Profile icon listed at the top.


Step 2: Now, click the iCloud option from the Apple ID page.


Step 3: Scroll down and check whether the Message option is selected. If not, enable the Messages option. So that your iMessages will get synced to your iCloud account.


Step 4: Now, go back to the main page of the setting option on your iPhone.

Step 5: Scroll down and tap on the Messages option.


Step 6: Now tap on the Text Message Forwarding option listed on the page.


Step 7: On the next window, you will see all the other Apple devices you use.


Step 8: The text message forward for new devices might be disabled by default. Enable the Text Message Forwarding for your desired device if you wish to see the message on all your Apple devices. Enable the option for all the devices listed there.


Once done, wait a few minutes so your iMessages will sync to your new iPad or any other device. The initial syncing might take a few minutes, depending on the number of messages.

Once completed, all the new messages will instantly be available on all other devices. You will get a notification on all other devices once a new SMS or iMessage receives.

Always Connect iPad With WiFi

If your iPad is a WiFi-only variant, make sure to connect the device to WiFi all the time. If the iPad is disconnected from the WiFi, you might see that the imessages are not syncing on iPad all the time. So always make sure the network is stable and connected.