Most of us rely solely on our phones, from scheduling our personal and professional lives to staying in touch with loved ones.

As a result, our phone contacts are some of our most important assets. Losing our contacts would be a major inconvenience, and sometimes, it can have serious implications.

This article will mention steps to safely transfer contacts on Android from an old phone to the new one.

7 Ways to Transfer Contacts from One Android Phone to Another

So it is essential to keep your contacts safe and transfer them securely to your device if you plan to switch to a new one.

1: Use Google Contacts

Transferring your contacts to a new phone is easy if you already use Google Contacts as your primary contact manager.

Start by launching the Google Contacts app on your old phone and signing in with your Google account.

After logging in, tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen and choose “Export” from the drop-down menu. From there, choose “Export to Storage” and make sure that all your contacts are selected.

Open the Google Contacts app on your new phone, and sign in with the same Google account. Then, select “Import” by tapping the menu icon once more.

Select the file you exported from your old phone by selecting “Import from Storage” at the end. Now, your contacts should be transferred to your new phone.

2: Export Your Contacts as a VCF File

Another easy way to transfer contacts is by exporting them as a VCF file (sometimes called a “vCard”). For example, you can export contacts from most Android phones as a VCF file, which can be imported into another phone.

This method is faster than the first method if you have a lot of contacts and preserves all contact information (including custom fields and notes).

Note: Some Android devices may ask you to enable contacts before you transfer them using this method.

3: Use Bluetooth

You can also transfer your contacts using Bluetooth. Simply pair your old phone with your new one using Bluetooth. Then go to the contacts list on the old phone and select the contacts you want to transfer.

Next, select “Send via Bluetooth” from the “Options” menu. The list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear; choose the other phone from there. Once the connection has been established, the contacts will be sent to the other phone.

Depending on how many contacts are being transferred, this process might take a few minutes. A confirmation message should appear on both phones when the transfer is finished.

4: Use an SD Card

If you’re upgrading from an older phone that uses an SD card for storage, then you can transfer your contacts by copying the files from the SD card on your old phone to the SD card on your new phone.

First, insert the SD card into your old phone. Next, copy the files containing your contacts (usually stored in the /DCIM/Contacts or /Phone/Contacts folder) onto the SD card.

Then insert the SD card into your new phone and import the files into the Contacts app.

5: Use MyPhoneTransit App

MyPhoneTransit is a phone contacts migration app that helps users quickly and easily transfer their contacts from one Android phone to another.

The app is simple and requires a few clicks to get started. But first, the app must be downloaded to both devices by the user.

Once the app is installed, the user must select the “From” device, i.e., the device they want to transfer their contacts. Next, they must choose the “To” device, i.e., the device to which they wish to transfer their contacts.

Finally, the user must press the “Transfer” button and wait for the process to be finished. The entire process usually takes less than a minute, and once it is finished, all of the user’s contacts will be transferred to the “To” device.

MyPhoneTransit is a free app that makes it simple and quick to move contacts between Android phones.

6: Use Shareit App

Users can transfer files between devices using the cross-platform app Shareit. The app is simple and available for smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Download, install, and open the app on both devices; select “Contacts” from the device’s main menu from which you need to transfer the contacts.

After choosing the contacts you want to transfer, click “Send.” The contacts will be transferred wirelessly between the two devices.

ShareitApp makes it easy to transfer contacts between devices and is a helpful tool for keeping your contacts backed up and synchronized.

7: Use SMS

You can also transfer a small number of contacts via SMS. Open the “Contacts” app on your old phone and choose the contact you want to move.

From there, choose “Menu,” then “Share,” and then select “Message.” This will create an SMS with the contact information you can send to your new phone. Once you receive it, just save it as a new contact.


There are several ways to move your contacts between Android phones. The most common techniques are listed in this article, so you can pick the one that best meets your needs.

Whether you use Google Contacts, export them as a VCF file, Bluetooth, an app, or SMS, transferring your contacts doesn’t have to be a hassle.