Discover hidden features and run diagnostic tests using special codes on your Samsung device running One UI

Samsung phones running with One UI operating system have a number of useful secret codes that let you access hidden information, run hardware tests, and change special settings. These codes can be activated by dialing via phone dialer like calling a phone number. Here is a list of some of the most useful Samsung secret codes and what they do:

Code What It Does
*#06# Shows the IMEI number, which is a unique code that identifies your phone
*#0*# Lets you test different parts of your phone, like the screen colors, vibration, speakers, and camera
*#1234# Shows the software version of your phone and lets you check other software information
*#12580*369# Displays info about your phone’s software and hardware, including when it was made
*#0228# Checks your battery’s health and shows info like voltage and temperature
*#9900# Checks a special mode used for fixing problems with your phone
*#0808# Lets you see and change settings related to USB connections
*#0011# Shows info about your phone’s connection to the mobile network
*#2663# Checks for updates to your phone’s touchscreen software
*135#[dial] Shows your own phone number (but it doesn’t always work)

A few other handy codes:

  • **04*[old PIN]*[new PIN]*[new PIN]# – Lets you change your phone’s PIN lock code
  • *#004*[number]# – Forwards incoming calls to another number you enter
  • #*#4636#*#* – Opens a special menu for advanced settings and tests

Keep in mind that some codes might work differently or not at all depending on which exact Samsung phone you have and which mobile carrier you use. Be careful with codes you don’t understand, since they could cause problems if used the wrong way. Most of these codes are meant for checking information and testing things, not for changing important settings.

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