The name Signal is all over the internet for the last couple of days. The privacy-oriented messaging application Signal came into the picture once WhatsApp revealed its new privacy terms. The most disliked privacy terms from WhatsApp forced its users to search for an alternative, and thus Signal made its presence.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted ‘Use Signal’ randomly after becoming the world’s richest man. The tweet got viral, and it boosted the popularity of the Signal Application.

Many users went for Signal, and the download of the application spiked in a single day. The main aim is to keep their privacy and keep away from WhatsApp for not being their data sold.

But with Signal, the main issue is that. Signal’s user base is still significantly less, and you always find a large number of contacts is still missing in Signal.

Building up the userbase will take some time, so we have to wait for other users to join Signal.

Fix Signal Contacts Not Showing Issue on iOS and Android

If your friend or anyone in your contact list already joined Signal and you can’t find them in your Signal application? In that case, you can do some debug thing to fix the contact not showing issue in Signal.

Step 1: Open the Signal Application

Step 2: Click on the pencil icon at the bottom.

chat list pencil

Step 3: In the next screen, you can see the list of contacts available in your Signal Chat.

Step 4: If you still can’t find all, then click on the 3 dots at the top.

contact list menu

Step 5: Click on the Refresh option from the list.

contact refresh

Now, the contact list will get refreshed, and you can find the users.

Note: The above steps are involved in refreshing the list if the Signal Contacts are not showing. But we noticed that contacts are not sometimes getting updated in real-time.

While following the steps, we still found some contacts missing even after the refresh. However, those got updated automatically after a few hours.

The issue is mostly from the Signal’s server-side since the application recently got this massive spike in download, and the servers might go down/slow. Undoubtedly, the issue will get fixed in the coming days, and they will provide an updated version of the application soon.

If you still didn’t try Signal, go and download Signal on your Android or iOS device. Here is the download link for Android, IOS, and Windows.

Download Signal For Android

Download Signal For iPhone and iPad

Download Signal For Windows