How to Book Liquor Online Using BevQ App – Mobile App By Bevco

For the last few week, the news about BevQ app is being popular in the news. Yes, as a part of the current on going Lock down due to the Covid-19 and to avoid the rush, Kerala government introduce online token system to buy liquor from Beverages outlet and from Bar. The android mobile app was launched few days back and from the beginning till now people are facing so many issues the functionality and the bugs within the app. However, the only way to buy liquor is via the BevQ app and user still have to use it.

What is BevQ App

BevQ is the Kerala online liquor booking app which has been launched by the Government of Kerala for the virtual queue system. Kerala BEVCO is the manager and owner of the BevQ app. The Government of Kerala has launched this app to maintain social distancing in the COVID-19 scenario and provide users the option to order liquor online easily without any issues at all. With the help of this app, users can book a queue number and token for assuring his place in the queue in the specified time slot. The process of booking liquor is fast and smooth for the users.

How to use BevQ App

It has an incredible interface which is simple and very easy to understand for everyone. You need to just give you details like name, phone number, Liquor quantity, and address while booking liquor from this app. For the confirmation purpose, you would get the OTP on your mentioned phone number and you should confirm by entering the right OTP. It is available on Google Play Store and you can download it from there. There are more than 2 Lakhs users in Kerala who prefer using this app due to its great features and benefits to the users.

The BevQ is mainly designed to handle overcrowding at various liquor stores in Kerala The app supports both Malayalam and English languages and you can select as per your preference for sure. After placing your first order using this app, you would get an e-token with a QR code on your smartphone. The e-token needs to be scanned by the liquor store licensee and you would get the alcohol without any hassle for sure. It directs the users to the nearby outlets based on the GPS location. Your e-token will include information such as an address, time slot, QR code, and even district.

The customers in Kerala can purchase liquor only once in four days in this app and it is also mandatory to have an e-token otherwise no liquor will be given to anyone. Also, customers residing in Red zones will not be able to buy liquor or book a slot online using this app. All the e-tokens will be acquired via the SMS method to the customers in Kerala. There is a huge popularity of this app and it was even downloaded by more than 1 Lakh users in the Kerala state. Most of the users are happy with the great quality and genuine services offered by BevQ app to them.


BevQ is one of the trustworthy and reliable online liquor booking app available for the customers in Kerala. It is also playing an important role in maintaining social distancing in the COVID-19 pandemic among people by keeping everything online. Customers do not have to go out and stand in a long queue and risk their lives by interacting with other COVID-19 patients anymore. This much-awaited Kerala beverages app will take care of everything without compromising on the quality and services.

You can try if you are staying in Kerala right now!

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