List of Free Virtual Debit Card for Payment in India and Internationally

Are you looking for some good virtual debit cards India can offer for domestic and international usage? Yes, you can get it from Indian Banks to make payments within India and abroad. I will give you details of those banks and other services that provide a Virtual Debit Card. Nowadays, we need to use Virtual Card for payments because of security issues. Most people are not interested in sharing their Personal Debit Card for payment. So, in this case, we use Virtual Card. Virtual Prepaid card now becomes more popular and is provided by most of the Banks now.

What is Virtual Debit Card?

Virtual Debit Card is almost the same as the regular debit card, but the card does not physically exist. The card details will be available digitally within the mobile app or the website of the provider. It can be a master card or a visa card to use those cards for all the online transactions like the one used in the regular cards. Since it is a virtual visa card, you cannot do any ATM transactions.

Why should use Virtual Debit Card?

Since the internet is exposed to the public and so many hacking things happen, even if the normal cards are given maximum security, There are chances of getting your card details stolen, resulting in money loss. Here comes the need for Virtual Card. you need to load money whenever needed or keep little money on the card, so even if the card details are stolen, we will not have to suffer a lot.

How Much Money i can store?

The most card comes with some limits, and you can store up to Rs.20,000/- in your account. Now Aadhaar based E-KYC has been added by most of the provides, which will increase your limit to Rs. 1 lakh.

How can i add money to it?

Most virtual cards act as a prepaid wallet, and you can load money to it via direct debit card transaction, net banking. Some wallets will provide NEFT and IMPS too.

What about the security?

The virtual card is also having all the security like the regular card. You can make payment only after OTP-based authentication. Verified by Visa, Mastercard and Rupay are there for all cards.

Which are the banks with a virtual debit card?

Not all banks offer virtual debit cards. Kotak 811 is our favorite back that offers 100% free virtual debit cards. Earlier, Axis bank also offered a free debit card under the brand Axis ASAP, but the bank now converted the same to a minimum balance account. Now customers need to keep a minimum balance of Rs. 1000 to enjoy the service.

List of Free Virtual Debit Cards in India

Following is the list of free virtual cards that are available in India which come completely free.

1. Kotak 811

Kotak 811 will be the most recommended one. It’s not only a virtual debit card. It’s a real bank account. You can create it via a mobile app in 5 minutes. The only need is your Aaadhaar Number and Pan Number. You will get a Virtual Debit Card Instantly. No need to go to the bank too. You can read the full details regarding the account creation in my previous article. You can use this card for International Transaction too

Download for Android or IOS

2. ICICI Pockets

This is a prepaid wallet from ICICI bank. Anyone can create an account using the mobile application. You don’t need to have an ICICI bank account for this. You will get a prepaid card with the wallet, and also, you can create an Internet Banking account. You can use this card for all online payments in India.

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3. SBI Buddy

SBI Buddy is also a prepaid wallet or simply an SBI virtual card from the State Bank of India. You can load money to it via debit card and use it for all online payments within India.

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4. HDFC Payzapp

This is also a prepaid wallet from HDFC bank, and you can add any bank card to it to load money. So you can use it for any online transaction in India. Unlike other cards, You can use the HDFC Payzapp card without OTP authentication, and you need to put your pin other than OTP at the time of the transaction.

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5. Digibank by DBS

Digibank also provides a prepaid wallet using the mobile app, and you will be getting a virtual account number and IFSC code with this so that you can load money to it via NEFT or IMPS. So you can use it for payment in India.

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