As with the outcome of the data war in India, streaming services are also became popular now a days. With the existing top players in the field, new providers are also on the way to introduce new services every day. Last day popular DTH provider Dish TV also introduce their own streaming service called Watcho. Like all other services, Watcho has their own original contents along with movies, series and live tv.

If Watcho is the new entry in the field, on the other side, there are some popular players like Netflix, Hotstar etc who already marked their presence in the market. Here, we will check the top best streaming service that we can consider in the year of 2019.

Here, we are not listing the services on the basis of ranks, we are listing them randomly and all the 3 of them are best at some aspects and has some drawback in some cases too. So, the below listed 3 are considered to be best option as per our budget and taste.

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Netflix is the most popular and one of the pioneer in the streaming service. Netflix provides a large number of titles with their own original contents along with regional contents. The library of Netflix is huge and a large number of Hollywood movies are available in it.

When it is introduced in India for the first time, it has some regional titles from Hindi too. Later the number of titles has been increased and now, to satisfy all the users from India, company added more regional contents from each part.

If you consider Netflix as your choice for streaming service, no doubts, you can go for it. It is clear that the title count of Netflix is much higher than any other provider, but the down side is the price. When we consider the price of Netflix in India, it is bit disappointing.

The company didn’t changed the pricing for India, it directly follows the global pricing and thus it makes it bit expensive in India. Netflix provides 3 plans.

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  • Rs 500 per month – In this plan you will get all the contents in SD quality and at the same time, you can stream content only one one device.
  • Rs. 650 per month – In this plan, you will get everything on HD quality and at the same time, stream the contacts on 2 devices.
  • Rs. 800 per month – This plan provides contents in Ultra HD and at the same time 4 devices can be used to stream contents.

2. Prime Videos

One year back, Amazon also entered India market with their own streaming service called Prime Videos. Prime Videos is also one of the top streaming service in the world next to Netflix. It has a large number of titles in English along with popular series. Prime Video also has their own original contents.

Prime Videos also launched in India with few Hindi contents and now it has more regional contents including Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi etc. The best part of the Prime Videos is that, it has been introduced with the custom plan that suits for India users. When comparing to Netflix, the price is much cheaper. You can get full year subscription with 2 months of Netflix base price.

Prime Videos comes under Amazon’s prime membership. In a single prime membership, you can enjoy multiple services of Amazon including Prime Videos, Prime Music, Prime Books and free fast delivery of items purchased from Amazon shopping site.

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Prime subscription comes with one plan which can be paid monthly or annually. For monthly payment, it costs Rs. 129/- For the annual subscription it cost only Rs. 999. So in the price range, Prime Videos is our best choice which provides videos, music, book and free delivery in one package.

3. Hotstar

Hotstar is the most popular service in india. The Star India, owned service started for the Indian users who wish to see regional contents. Hotstar provides a number of titles including movies from Hollywood, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and other Indian regional languages.

Hotstar also have huge collection of own contents like Hotstar originals, and contents from other service like Hooq, Fox, HBO etc. Hotstar also feature all the programs from Star owned channels. It includes movies and series from different language.

Another advantages of Hotstar is that, it also gives the users to watch live TV channels with the same subscription. If you loves sports, then Hotstar is the best option out of the three. All the live and highlights of the matches going on Star Sports channels are available via hotstar too.

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Hotstar also provides better pricing for the Indian users. A large number of title including movies and series available in the Hotstar is available free of cost whereas premium contents requires subscription. The subscription cost Rs. 99 per month and if you choose yearly subscription it will be Rs. 999/- only.

Hotstart is the one provides free contents without subscription, where as Netflix and Prime Videos requires requires subscription to access anything.

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