WhatsApp in 2021 will make several changes and add more and more features to the biggest messaging platform. In the past years, also WhatsApp added several features to the messaging application like stickers, disappearing messages in the group, etc. The audio speed control of voice message is the latest addition.

Now two major changes are waiting for WhatsApp users, which we are listing here.

Latest WhatsApp 2021 updates Bring Multi-Device Support

Multiple device support and disappearing chat messages are the two new big update that is going to happen.

WhatsApp Multi-device Support

We all know that we can use WhatsApp on only one device at a time. So if you install WhatsApp on another mobile with the same mobile number, the 1st device will automatically log out.

However, WhatsApp was offering a web version called WhatsApp web in which you can check the messages on web browser too. But in that case, you should use the same network, and the mobile should be within the same wifi range to use it.

Even though we can use WhatsApp on more than one device, it is not a multi-device support option. To solve this problem, WhatsApp is now coming with true multi-device support.

As per the company, the new feature will be rolled out this year, and we can use the same WhatsApp account on a maximum of four devices simultaneously. There is no need to have the same network or connection.

The company also says that the same end-to-end encryption will still be there on all the chats over different devices.

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages

Currently, WhatsApp is offering a disappearing message feature in group chats. It is optional, and we can set the option to On, and all the messages that are older than 7 days will be automatically deleted.

Now the company will introduce the same feature to the individual chats also. The app will automatically delete photos and videos in the WhatsApp message after it is read as per the new feature. So it is not a deletion after a particular day.

As per the new feature, the app will delete the message soon once the recipient reads it. The new feature is to enhance security and user privacy. It is also to be noted that we cannot set this feature for each chat. However, the setting is common to all the chats together.