WhatsApp Status is one of the famous and most used features in WhatsApp, and still, some users are finding difficulty in deleting a WhatsApp Status. So here we are checking how to remove WhatsApp status before it gets expires.

We all know that WhatsApp status will be available for 24hrs and it gets deleted automatically after one day. But if you want to delete it before that, you can do it manually. When talking about WhatsApp status, even it is an Image, Video, or text, one limitation is the lack of editing.

At least once, many of us may think that the editing feature for WhatsApp Status should be there to update the status when needed. The editing feature is required once we add something wrong, mostly incorrect spellings, etc. But unfortunately, there is no such option, and only we can delete the current status and put a new one.

How to Delete WhatsApp Status Before it gets automatically Removed?

Step 1: Goto Status Section in your WhatsApp.

Step 2: There, on the top, you can find ‘My Status’. Click on the three vertical dots option on its right side.


Step 3: On the next page, you can find all the status currently added by you.

Step 4: Choose the one you wish to delete by clicking on the three vertical dots on the side of the item.


Step 5: You will get three options now. Click on ‘Delete’.


Step 6: Finally, you will get a confirmation window. Click on ‘Delete’, and you are Done. Now the status is deleted, and no one can see it again.


In this way, you can remove one mistakenly added WhatsApp status or wrongly spelled text status, etc.’