If you wish to leave any WhatsApp Group and delete all the chats, we will tell you the steps to delete WhatsApp group safely and clear all the chats. Exiting and deleting the WhatsApp group doesn’t involve many processes, but you need to know a few things before deciding. So in this artcile, we will explain how you can exit any WhatsApp group and delete that WhatsApp group completely.

Delete WhatsApp Group

In your WhatsApp group, you may notice that you won’t find any option or button to Delete the group. Yes, you can’t find the option initially, and it gets activated only once you exit from the WhatsApp Group.

Please note that exiting and deleting the WhatsApp group process is the same in a self-created Group or any other group you joined.

Steps to Delete a WhatsApp Group

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp group that you wish to delete.

Step 2: Click on the Group name, and you will reach the group settings page.

Step 3: Now, scroll to the bottom, where you can find an option called Exit Group. Click on that.

Step 4: You will be asked for confirmation. Click on the EXIT option. Now, you will get an exit from that particular WhatsApp group.

Note: Before confirming this, you need to know few facts and do accordingly.

  • If you are trying to get exited from any participating group, no issue, and you can confirm and Exit the group.
  • If you are going to exit from a group you have created (self-created group), you might be an admin to that group. In this case, you can assign any other group member with the admin right, and they will become the group admin from then onwards. And you can exit the group after that. If you didn’t assign anyone as the group admin, any random member gets the admin right while you exit.
  • In the third case, if you wish to exit the group and completely delete the group, you first need to remove all the members from that group. Once all other members are removed, you can confirm and exit the group.

Step 5: Once you exit from the group, you can see that the option gets changed to Delete group. Click on that option.

Step 6: Finally, another confirmation window will appear asking to delete the group. It will also ask whether you want to delete all the media in the chat. You can select that option to delete all the images, videos, audio files, and other documents shared in that group.

Step 6: Click on the DELETE option, and the WhatsApp group will get deleted permanently.

Note: Once deleted, you won’t be able to recover the chats within the group.